Christopher Scali

Time For Glennon To Come In And Mop Up The Deck

Created on Sept. 25, 2013 8:14 PM EST

Attention! This is your captain speaking! The Buccaneers season will be saved! The Josh Freeman era has officially come to an end in Tampa Bay as this Sunday, rookie QB Mike Glennon will take his first official snaps in the NFL when his team takes on the Arizona Cardinals. Freeman had struggled in the first three games of the 2013 season, completing fewer than 50 percent of his passes. Just to add more water to this capsizing ship, Freeman has a win percentage of .324 and total QBR rating of 47.0. No team in the NFL can win football games in this league with numbers like that.

Every Buccaneers fan is sick of a losing season and it is definitely time for a drastic change such as this one. This was a perfect time to start Glennon, who has a huge chance to get Tampa Bay out of this early 0-3 hole that Freeman helped dig. I am pointing the finger at Freeman because he was the “leader” under center and the ball was in his hands but sadly, he was a deer in the headlights when the pressure was on. Freeman lost his captaincy in the locker room and he still has plenty of growing up to do. The Bucs need a leader in this franchise and I believe that Glennon is the answer and will give the team a better chance to win football games. The Bucs are not giving up on their season by making this change - they are trying to salvage the season and strive for a playoff run.

The Bucs should absolutely not be 0-3 at this point as they have so many weapons on the field. Tampa Bay has WRs Vincent Jackson and Mike Williams, RB Doug Martin and TE Tom Crabtree, just to name a few. With their defense, the Buccaneers should be much more competitive than they have been thus far. The Bucs need to clean up that poop deck and get their act together. Glennon has all of the tools to win football games, especially at home against the Cardinals. Following that game, Glennon will have a bye week that will help him go over the mechanics he needs to work on. This could not be a better time to start him.

I believe Glennon is the long-term answer for this team. Just look at QBs like San Francisco's Colin Kaepernick and Seattle's Russell Wilson - these guys are the jack-of-all-trade types and each found the postseason early in their careers. If  I were a betting man, I'd say that there is a chance that fans could be seeing Glennon in the 2013 postseason. He has the pocket presence, field awareness, outstanding arm strength and most of all, leadership needed to be a major contributor in the NFL. Glennon does not have an easy schedule after the bye week, however, as he will face the Eagles, Falcons, Panthers and Seahawks. I may sound cocky in this extremely bold prediction, but I think Glennon will have a 3-1 record in these games. Glennon will have to go into these games with a hunger to win and he understands that the pressure is on him after seeing what happened to his comrade. Glennon now holds the torch and he must lead the Buccaneers in their pursuit of a NFC South title. The last time Tampa won the NFC South was in 2007 - could Glennon finally bring this drought to an end?

Glennon has so much work to do to turn this season around for the Buccaneers and the road is not going to be easy, but head coach Greg Schiano is putting his career on the line for Glennon. Do not let the "rookie" title fool you - Glennon is the spark that this squad sorely needs. At this point, it is Glennon or bust and Freeman will need to find the deepest, darkest corner of the bench and stay there.

With trade rumors swirling, I think that Freeman will be calling a new franchise his home soon enough. There are plenty of NFL teams that need a quarterback, and the Vikings, Raiders and Jaguars are huge possibilities. Freeman overall needs a new start with another team.

Either way, a new era has begun because Mike Glennon will be the new face of the Buccaneers franchise. Fire the Cannons!

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