Mike Edler

Titans Benefit From Texans Pain

Created on Dec. 28, 2013 12:43 PM EST

The Titans have one last game against the Houston Texans, who are fighting for the first overall pick in the draft. The Titans are in the rare situation where a win or loss won’t influence their draft position all that much.  They should be more focused on bringing momentum into the 2014 season as opposed to tanking for a slight change in positioning. If the Titans play their game they should come out on top. Here are some things to look for going into the last game of the season.

All-around Defense:

The Titans will not be playing the Texans best on Sunday. Arian Foster and Ben Tate are both on the shelf for the season and Matt Schuab still awaits to hear if he gets the call on Sunday. This Texans team is a far cry from the team that beat the Titans week two. If the Titans play average defense for four quarters, the Titans should handle the below average Texan’s offense. Expect the Texans to be much improved next year, but for this week the offense is one of the worst in the league.

Old Faces Swan Song:

Chris Johnson, Kenny Britt, Bernard Pollard and Alterruan Verner are all players that are rumored to be cut or are free agents. This is a job interview for some of these players to cash in when the time comes without the Titans. Expect to see each of these players, with the exception of the most likely inactive Britt, to play up to their true potential and put on a show. Although some of these players could be brought back, it is not a guarantee. Get a good look at these guys because they might not be in Titan blue come 2014.

One game left to go for the Titans and changes are on the horizon. The game is one of the few that have no playoff implications, but for the sake of self respect look for the Titans to get ahead early and run away with this one

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