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Titans Draft Targets: C.J. Mosley

Created on Mar. 11, 2014 10:27 AM EST

One of the toughest decisions to make as a head coach when entering a draft is discerning which is your greatest need. While the Tennessee Titans have a myriad of those “needs,” they’ll have a more than reasonable shot at solidifying one into a strength come draft day.

The Titans have the 11th overall pick, and with needs at the linebacker, safety, offensive line and defensive line, it’s safe to say that the decision which to address first won’t be easy.

Does new Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt go with the highest rated player on his big board, or does he go with the biggest need on his board? You could probably argue that the Titans offensive and defensive line woes are the biggest of their concerns, however, there’s a good shot that the highest rated player on their board, when it’s their turn to pick, won’t fall into either of those two positions.

Enter the dilemma and Alabama standout C.J. Mosley.

Mosley is projected to still be on the board- potentially the best player left- when the commissioner announces that the Titans are on the clock.

Would the Titans risk not taking the best player available and opt to address a “greater” need?

If so, they’ll be passing up a proven leader, winner and, most important, a proven player. During his collegiate stint at Alabama, Mosley not only showed that he’s a great pass rusher, but that he can also fall back and play coverage.

C.J. MOSLEY – 6-foot-2, 234 LB, ILB


Not many remember that in his earlier years, he was almost strictly a cover-backer. Before Mosley became an every-down player in 2013, he subbed in on passing downs to cover in the open field. In the NFL, it’s becoming a must for linebackers to have the ability to cover in space.

WEAKNESSES: CBS Sports draft experts have labeled Mosley as “not the most fundamentally consistent tackler.” He also missed time during 2011 with a dislocated elbow. I’m not sure if that categorizes Mosley as injury-prone, but the fact that he’s had an elbow issue in the past isn’t the best of news.

COMPARISONS: Mosley has drawn comparisons, from various sources around the league, to Lavonte David, Jon Beason, NaVorro Bowman and Luke Kuechly.

THE VERDICT: The overall overview of Mosley is positive. He’s a well-rounded, intelligent linebacker that could definitely help a defense from day one. He has a perfect mix of toughness and athleticism, sprinkled with the crucial additive of ball-hawking instincts. He would be a nice fit for the Titans or any team for that matter. 

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