Mike Edler

Titans FA Targets: T.J. Ward

Created on Feb. 16, 2014 12:02 PM EST

With free agency approaching earlier than other years, it’s time to look at possible players the Titans could target for the 2014 season. With the possible loss of safety Bernard Pollard, I believe the number one target of the Titans should be the Browns T.J. Ward.  

Ward would be a clone copy of the player Pollard was for the Titans, but at the age of 27, he would be a center piece to a greatly improved secondary for years to come.  Pollard was a locker room leader and was a huge part of the teams ability to stop the run, but was suspect and sometimes a liability when covering some of the better wide receivers and tight ends in the league. Ward brings that same fire and aggression in the run support, but also brings the ability to cover the athletic skill position players that Pollard has lost in his past few years.  

Ward will be on many teams wish list, but with the opening at safety and the cap room the Titans have, the move is within the realm of possibility. If Ward doesn’t sign with the Titans, you can be sure that Tennessee will push for Pollard to resign. Pollard was a very big part of what the Titans wanted to do on defense, as well as a leader.  If the price is right, look for Pollard to be back in Tennessee.

Other possibilities at Safety: Nate Allen, PHI and Malcolm Jenkins, NO

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