Mike Edler

Titans Fight Hard, But Fall Short

Created on Oct. 14, 2013 3:04 PM EST

Well that wasn’t as bad as expected now was it? The Titans dropped their second in a row, but are still a respectable 3-3. The game was a lot closer than many would have picked, the defense was incredible again, only allowing 20 points in a hostile stadium against a Super Bowl contending Seattle team. The offense on the other hand was anionic once again.  

This is the second game in a row the Titans have fought to the bitter end against a great team and came up just short in the final minutes.  Unlike the Kansas City game, I did not feel at any point the Titans could win that game. They scored one touchdown all game and it was due to a defensive stop and return against the back up field goal holder. I have not been Jake Locker’s number one supporter, but I really believe the Titans are 5-1 if he doesn’t get hurt. The offense just has not clicked with Fitzpatrick, and Chris Johnson just is incapable to carry a team by himself.  

The Titans are treading water right now and need a week to heal up, but the 49ers are coming to town to finish off this gauntlet. The Titans have a solid chance if they continue to play defense at a high level, but that's for next week. This team played much better than I had ever thought they could in Seattle, and they proved they can play defense well enough that they will be close in every game.

The Titans are 3-3 and have to be optimistic in their three losses. They have played every team tough, which is a far cry from last season where they were consistently blown out by any and all opponents. I am optimistic about this team going forward. The schedule gets much easier after the bye week and they still have two games against the 0-6 Jaguars. As long as they stay in contention and get Jake Locker back, this team could be playing playoff caliber football before long.

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