Anthony Olivetti

Titans' Kenny Britt Tweets Himself Into A Hole

Created on Sept. 18, 2013 12:14 AM EST

Kenny Britt is a mess. He’s got talent for days, but he can’t keep himself out of trouble.

Britt tweeted the following Tuesday: “Looks like the Titans pullin that Jared Cook card .. Looking like this the last year ill be sayin ‪#TitanUp .. So lets make it a Great year”

Where to even begin? Britt has had off-the-field issues, on-the-field issues and just about every kind of issue. Through two games this year, he has just five catches and has already been benched once.

While Jared Cook had the talent to break out the last two seasons he was in Tennessee, he was never given the chance to do so. So far in his stint with the Rams, we’re seeing what he can really do. Britt, on the other hand, has been given every opportunity to succeed (except a competent quarterback), and he has failed because of a multitude of constraints that were mostly self-imposed.

Hours after he sent out this tweet, it was erroneously reported that the Titans had released him. Needless to say, Twitter exploded. When no one was able to corroborate the report, the masses quieted down and the tweeter quickly apologized for the false report.

Bottom line here: Kenny Britt and the Tennessee Titans don’t go well together. It is a failed experiment, and the team will almost certainly let him walk in free agency after the season (if they don’t trade him sooner). Given the right team with a better quarterback and, more importantly, a coaching staff that can reel him in a little, Britt has the tools to succeed in the NFL. For now, all we can do is continue to watch this slow moving train wreck play itself out.

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