Mike Edler

Titans/Munchak Divorce Good For Both Sides

Created on Jan. 10, 2014 11:58 AM EST

To everyone’s surprise, Mike Munchak was fired the day after his job was reported safe by the best in the business down in Tennessee. Munchak is now out of work and the Titans are left looking for his replacement a week later than all the other teams in the league. The Titans have already interviewed Jay Gruden, who joined the Redskins, Jim Caldwell, Mike Zimmer and Ken Whisenhunt. They also expect to interview both of the Seahawk coordinators whenever Seattle is eliminated or finishes their season.

The real story to me is Munchak and the way it was handled by the Titans. Munchak was offered a big extension and a raise and still he was fired?

No, Mike Munchak quit on the Tennessee Titans. 

Munchak got all his demands met, except that he had to fire some of the position coaches, some of which were dreadful this past season. I believe the Titans made the right move and can now move away from everyone that was part of Oiler/Fisher tree, but it was alarming to see how it all went down.

Munchak would still have a job if he didn’t hire close friends to be his position coaches. Business and pleasure never mix, and with the way the coaching carousel spins every season, Munchak should have known the time would come to let some guys go. The sad thing is that even though Munchak didn’t fire the few assistants like ownership wanted, they are now all gone because of Munchaks’ firing. Munchak’s loyalty is a trait that not many people in this business have and he is now a cautionary tale of how loyalty can cost you the job.  

In the end it might be a blessing in disguise that Munchak and the Titans had their divorce. Munchak will find work as an offensive line coach or in the college ranks, and the Titans can bring in their guy without Bud Adams. The search continues.

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