Michael Saenz

Titans Must Take Care Of What They Can Control In Second Half

Created on Oct. 31, 2013 9:07 AM EST

Somtimes in the NFL, there are just some things you can't control. But for the things that are controllable, you better makes sure you take advantage.

For the Tennessee Titans, however, it’s not that simple. Yes, all teams in the NFL must push through injuries at some point during each season. But in those cases, most teams that endure a key injury such as the Titans have doesn't bode well for their season.

Then it hit me, history says that the Titans will not make the playoffs, and their 3-4 record at about the midpoint of the season doesn’t help them. The question now is can they buck the trend. If they do, it’s going to take one huge effort from everyone involved – the coaching staff and the players. Especially the man that returned just one game ago – Jake Locker.

Apart from overcoming their own inabilities, shortcomings or unproductiveness (mostly a 27th ranked total offense), they also must figure out a way to win six out of their final nine games. Not easy. Combine that with the fact that the combined record of the teams they’ve beaten is only 10-12, and it looks even more daunting. A positive note, however, is their schedule. It’s not that difficult.

They face the Rams (3-5), Jaguars (0-8) twice, the Raiders (3-4) and the Cardinals (4-4) – all winnable games.

Even then, that only brings their win total to eight. Tennessee would still need one or two more victories to even have a real shot at playing in January.

And that would have to mean beating either the Colts, the Broncos or the Texans.

In other words, the Titans have to play as near to perfect as they can. Ironically, that’s something they did during the first four games of the season, when they raced out to a 3-1 record and had zero giveaways. That’s exactly what they’ll have to do to get back into the playoff picture. Sure it’s a daunting task, but it’s not impossible.

The Titans opened the season in that zone. If they can somehow, figure out a way back into it, they’ll have a shot at 9-10 wins. If they can get that, they’ll have a more than reasonable shot at the playoffs. Yes it’s daunting. It’s almost impossible and downright unimaginable if you’re not a Titans fan.

History says no but what do the Titans say? 

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