Michael Saenz

Titans Riding Any Receiver Not Named Britt

Created on Nov. 26, 2013 9:36 AM EST

The Tennessee Titans are in a bit of a crossroads at the midpoint of the season. Ironic, right? However, the Titans wide receivers tend to be feeling it the most but, at the same time, handling it the best.  

They have Jake Locker under center one week, Fitzpatrick the next; Locker comes back and then are forced into Fitzpatrick once again. There’s no chance for them to gain any rapport, really. Specifically, Kenny Britt. As a once promising receiver, early in his career, he is now being slowly phased out of the offense and, quite frankly, the Titans immediate plans after this year’s campaign.

This was supposed to be his redemption year. It hasn’t been. In fact, it’s been anything but that.

Britt played nine snaps against the Jacksonville Jaguars. On the following Thursday night, he played some but not much again. He also turned in another zero catch performance. His counterparts, Nate Washington, Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter played a combined 174 snaps against the Jags. That can’t be good for the Britt camp.

But what does their production say, though?

Britt is in his final year of his rookie contract with the Titans, which is looking more and more each week like his last year in Tennessee period.

But I’m not sure how you can blame any Titans receiver after a season like this, including Britt. I think we can all agree that Britt is gone after this season. The proof is in the pudding. After that, it appears that Washington and Wright are the future at the position. Throw in Hunter as a third guy and you have a pretty nice core of receivers. Apart from them three, no one else is a certain for next season but that’s no necessarily a problem. Sometimes options are good.  

There are is going to be a ton of questions that need to be answered after this season for the Titans. The good thing is that it appears that the receiver position is not one of them. Right now, the Titans are being loud and clear about what they’re doing at that position.

No Kenny Britt and a lot of everyone else. 

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