Mike Edler

Titans Try To Improve To 3-1

Created on Sept. 26, 2013 1:42 PM EST

In a matchup of surprising 2-1 teams, the New York Jets travel to Nashville to take on the Tennessee Titans. For the Titans, this is a game that many fans saw as a win when the schedule was released. This Jet team was not supposed to be anywhere near 2-1, but neither were the Titans for that matter. For the Titans to come away with a victory, they have to stay true to the key tenets of their game plan.

Chris Johnson:

CJ2K has been off to a relatively slow start this season, and if the Titans weren’t 2-1 I believe that CJ’s struggles would be more publicized. Johnson has yet to cross the century mark in a game this season and has had his touchdowns vultured by Jackie Battle. If Johnson gets the ball rolling against a stout Jets defense, it could spark his potential behind this offensive line. Johnson has been good but not great, and if he can get going we can see what this Titans offense is really capable of.

Gregg Williams vs. Geno Smith:

As most of you know, I am very high on Gregg Williams.  The defensive assistant has put his mindset and soul into this defense and has fueled a rapid turn-around. This week Williams faces a rookie quarterback in Geno Smith, which is a big drop in talent from Rothelisberger, Schuab and Rivers in the past three weeks. I’m sure Williams has some packages to confuse the rookie into making game changing mistakes.  For the Titans to win, they have to force Geno to beat them, and, if that comes to pass, Williams will give the rookie all he can handle.

Jake Locker vs. Jets Secondary:

The Titans offensive line has faced a better front in the Texans, so we have seen how they handled the 3-4. But the secondary is the focus this week. Jake Locker will be facing the likes of Antonio Cromartie and Dee Millner and on paper they are the best pair he has faced. Locker is coming off a hot game against the Chargers and faces a greater challenge this week. For Locker to succeed, he should avoid Cromartie when possible and try and abuse the rookie in Millner. If Millner doesn’t play due to a practice injury,  Kyle Wilson will take his spot and make Lockers job that mucheasier. I don’t believe Locker needs to have the same effort he did against San Diego to win, but there will be times he needs to make plays with his arm and legs to clinch this victory.

I believe the Titans come away with their third victory in four weeks and expose the Jets as the team we all thought they were. This is separation Sunday for the Jets and Titans. One will be 3-1 and considered a contender, the other will drop down to 2-2.

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