Michael Saenz

Titans Vs Jacksonville: Perfect Time For Streaking

Created on Nov. 06, 2013 8:39 PM EST

On paper it may not seem like a big game, but for the Tennessee Titans it’s a huge one. Tennessee finally returned to the win column – after losing three straight – and will be looking to spark a winning streak on Sunday. With the possibility of the playoffs still at hand for the Titans, they can’t afford to lose games they’re supposed to win. Sunday, against Jacksonville, presents the first of those challenges for them. Let’s preview it…


The Titans (4-4) are coming off a 28-21 victory over the Rams last week, which ended their three-game losing streak. The Jaguars (0-8) are fresh off their bye after losing to the 49ers 42-10 in London two weeks ago.

Tennessee leads the all-time series 21-16 in their 37 meetings. However, in each of the past four seasons, the teams have split their regular season contests.

Most recent, Tennessee defeated Jacksonville 38-20 in the 2012 season finale by scoring four consecutive return touchdowns without its offense touching the ball.


The Jaguars bye week.

During the past three seasons, Jacksonville is 2-1 coming off their bye week. If they’re going to win a game this season, this has to be their best chance, right? I mean, the coaching staff has had two weeks to prepare, so this could be the best (at least most prepared) Jags team that we’ll see all season.


With that said, I still can’t see the Titans losing to the Jags. If they do, that’ll be the end of their season. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jags somehow pull it out, but I’m just not expecting it to happen. I think Jake Locker – who now has two games under his belt after recovering from his hip injury – will begin to slowly show flashes of the strong play that he carried the first half of the season. The running game really struck last week – Chris Johnson trotted for 150 yards and two touchdowns.

During his career, Johnson averages 108.5 yards per game in the month of November. He had a good start to continuing that with last weeks performance. Let’s see if he can keep it going…

Titans 24, Jags 9


The Titans need to get a winning streak going. After the game against Jacksonville on Sunday, it really gets interesting. Once they beat the Jags (assuming they do), the Titans have the Colts and Raiders on their schedule. Can they string three out of four, if not four in a row? They’re going to have to; that’s the first step in creeping back into the AFC Playoff picture. Let’s see if they can get it down. 

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