Zach Law

Top 10 2012 TE Performances

Created on Apr. 12, 2013 10:42 PM EST

It was a year of extremes for tight ends in 2012. If you picked up one of the “big two” in Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski, you scored well at the position… when they were healthy. If you picked a mid-level guy like Antonio Gates, you were usually frustrated. If you went all waiver wire and ended up with a player like Brandon Myers or Dennis Pitta, the glory was yours.

Just for fun, here’s a list of the players who led the position in scoring every week of the season. Note that scoring for this article’s purpose is PPR, one point per 10 yards and six points for receiving touchdowns.

Week 1: Jimmy Graham (also Week 17, pity that)

Week 2: Dante Rosario (it was his inferno, as he scored seven points the rest of the season)

Week 3: Heath Miller

Week 4: Jason Witten

Week 5: Tony Gonzalez

Week 6: Antonio Gates

Week 7, 8: Rob Gronkowski

Week 9: Brandon Myers

Week 10: Gonzalez

Week 11: Gronk

Week 12: Charles Clay (almost half of his 2012 points; pity the fool who chased him for the fantasy playoffs)

Week 13: Brandon Myers

Week 14: Aaron Hernandez

Week 15: Dennis Pitta

Week 16: Lance Kendricks

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. From bottom to top, here are your Top 10 single-game tight end performances from 2012. Unlike the RBs, there are no “thanks for nothing” performances on Week 17.

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