Joe Coughlin

Top 5 BCS Bowl Games

Created on Aug. 26, 2013 5:12 PM EST

1. 2007 Fiesta Bowl; Boise State 43, Oklahoma 42 (OT)

I confess. This game meant more to me than maybe Nos. 2 and 3 meant to most of the college football world. I'm not a fan of either team especially, but I had been supporting media darling Boise State for a long time. The Broncos deserved their shot at a BCS big boy and when they got it, boy did they get it.

In the final 1:26 of the game, 22 points were scored. It was wild, but what was more wild is that it was clear Boise belonged. And when push came to shove, Boise had the guts for the glory.

Oklahoma was a powerhouse and scored 25 straight to take its first lead with just over 1 minute to go. We all remember the Statue of Liberty play, but my favorite was the wily hook-and-ladder with 18 ticks on the clock.

Jared Zabransky hit Drison James, who lateraled to Jerard Robb, who took off down the sideline untouched into the end zone to tie things at 35-35.

In OT, Adrian Peterson ran one in from 25 yards out, but Boise had more tricks. Backup wideout Vinny Peretta lined up behind center with Zabransky in motion. Peretta took the snap, rolled right and hit Derek Schouman for the score.

But instead of going into a second overtime, Boise went for it all. Zabransky took the snap and pumped right where three wide receivers were lined up. But the ball was in his left hand which was behind his back and being charged at by tailback Ian Johnson, who grabbed the ball and scooted into the end zone.

THEN, Johnson proposed to his cheerleader girlfriend because … why not? 

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