Matt LaPan

Top of The Class

Created on Apr. 17, 2013 1:03 AM EST

#10 JaMarcus Russell, Oakland 2007

Even with a comeback effort in the works for the 2013 NFL season, JaMarcus Russell is not only easily the worst No. 1 overall pick in the past 10 drafts, but is in the discussion for the worst top overall pick in history. 

Coming out of LSU, there were few questions about Russell's physical traits. Draft experts and scouts alike were in awe of the quarterback's huge arm and mobilty despite his gigantic stature. But all the talent and potential in the world did not help Russell, whose work ethic and character were major flaws. 

In three seasons, Russell threw for just 4,038 yards and 18 touchdowns while tossing 23 interceptions and losing 22 fumbles before being dispatched by the Raiders.

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