Jeff Brubach

Top QB/WR Pairs

Created on Aug. 03, 2013 10:11 AM EST

In the realm of fantasy football, points are king. Points are what lead us to victory, points are what send us to defeat, and precious points are what elude us all as a running back gets tackled at the one yard line. The quickest way to accumulate points in a fantasy matchup is via the touchdown. One quick strike from 30 yards out and a fantasy wide receiver can tack on nine points in a flash. The only thing better than owning a fantasy receiver at the end of a long touchdown is owning the quarterback that threw the pass. Pairing up your fantasy quarterback with a top flight wide receiver from the same NFL team can lead to some huge weekly point totals and can even lead to fantasy titles (think Tom Brady/Randy Moss in 2007).

Here are four quarterback/wide receiver pairs that can help your fantasy squad pile up points in a hurry:

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