Jeff Brubach

Top QB/WR Pairs

Created on Aug. 03, 2013 9:47 AM EST

Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall

This Bears duo is my personal favorite among quarterback/wide receiver pairs. A quick glance at the 2012 season tells us all we need to know about Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler, and how much they trust one another. Last season, Jay Cutler threw 434 passes. Of those 434 passes, 192 of them were headed towards Brandon Marshall. In case your calculator is low on batteries, that is an absurd 44 percent of Cutler’s passes that were intended for his number one wideout. With this level of focus from his quarterback, Marshall was able to top 1,500 receiving yards and was a certifiable fantasy monster.

2013 should be another solid year for this tandem, but Marshall does have some additional company in the Chicago receiving department. The Bears signed former Giants tight end Martellus Bennett over the offseason, who should give Cutler a nice big target in the middle of the field. Bennett and Marshall will provide Chicago with a nice advantage close to the goal line, as both excel in the red zone. In addition, signs point to new head coach Marc Trestman getting running back Matt Forte and second year wide out Alshon Jeffery more involved in the passing attack. Despite the almost certain decrease in attention from Cutler in the Chicago air attack (after all, 44 percent of all passes is extremely high), Marshall and Cutler will still provide fantasy teams with a nice spark. Cutler is a fantastic later round quarterback target that could be in for a surprising season under the new regime in Chicago (and in a contract year), and his top wideout will remain a fantasy stud. If Cutler reaches his low end QB1 potential, this pair could be tough to top in 2013.

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