Jeff Brubach

Top QB/WR Pairs

Created on Aug. 03, 2013 9:47 AM EST

Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson

Obviously, this list would include the greatest wide receiver known to both man and robot, but there are some interesting statistics that should make Calvin Johnson owners consider snagging Matthew Stafford in the middle rounds after acquiring this stud wide out early. In 2012, Stafford chucked the football 727 times and only tallied 20 touchdown passes. Following his 2011 season of 41 passing scores, this was quite the disappointment for fantasy owners. What we are left with for 2013 is the most glaring case for expected regression in fantasy football. Stafford may not throw 40 touchdowns a year for the next decade, but he is absolutely not the quarterback who finished behind Matt Schaub and Ryan Fitzpatrick in touchdowns a year ago. Stafford’s touchdown total will rise dramatically, and that means good things for his partner in crime.

In 2012, Calvin Johnson was busy racking up an astonishing 1,964 receiving yards but, like his quarterback, floundered in the touchdown department with only five scores. As with Stafford, Johnson’s touchdown total will rise, and this duo will stack up fantasy points in bunches in 2013. Megatron was at the other end of 28 percent of Stafford’s 2012 pass attempts, which means the beastly wideout will be directly in his crosshairs once again. Drafting Johnson early and then taking advantage of Stafford’s value-packed ADP in the middle rounds is a very solid draft plan for the 2013 season.

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