Matt LaPan

Ranking The All-Time Top Supplemental Draft Picks

Created on Jul. 10, 2013 4:00 PM EST

2. Bernie Kosar, QB, 1985

In terms of supplemental draft picks, no single pick had a larger impact on the team that drafted him than Kosar did on the Cleveland Browns.

Kosar's road to the supplemental draft was marred with controversy after the NFL claimed it did not receive Kosar's paperwork required for  underclassmen to enter the draft.

Kosar went on to become a fan favorite in Cleveland after earning the starting nod. His unique style and toughness won over the fans in Cleveland (not his coaches, though), and he led his team within minutes of the Super Bowl in 1986, stopped only by "The Drive" led by John Elway.

Kosar eventually did leave the Browns and would earn a Super Bowl ring with the Cowboys in 1994.

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