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Trick Or Treat: Conference USA Style

Created on Oct. 30, 2013 12:47 PM EST

The college football season is nearing the home stretch. Some teams have been a treat just like Snickers, Twix or Kit-Kats. While others need a few more tricks. Those teams remind me of the dark-colored jelly bean left in the bag that no one wants. So, who's the Snickers and who is the nasty jelly bean?


Southern Miss: This may be the worst team in the nation. The Golden Eagles are losing some shine as they are 0-7 and have lost two games by a combined 81 points. To put that number in perspective, they have only scored 89 points the whole season! Southern is so bad they are an insult to dark-colored jelly beans everywhere.

Tulsa: Another team not living up to its nickname. The Golden Hurricanes entered this season with most of the offensive and defensive starters returning. My, how times have changed. They have only won two games, and their starting quarterback missed the last game with an injury. This team definitely needs more tricks in the bag if they want to repeat as champs.

UAB: Where do i begin? The Blazers had a sweet treat in their bag before the season started in receiver Jackie Williams. Unfortunately, head coach Garrick McGee took it out the bag because it left a bad taste in his mouth. UAB needs more tricks but it can't seem to get out of its own way and is officially on "dark jelly bean" watch.


Enough of those nasty jelly beans, let's get to the good stuff.

ECU: This offense is playing like "100 Grand."  Led by the "Three Muskeeters" of Shane Carden, Vintavius Cooper and Justin Hardy, this high-powered machine isn't going anywhere for a while. Hardy is in for a big "Payday" down the road in the NFL. The Pirates are first in C-USA's East Division and definitely satisfy my sweet tooth.

Rice: The Owls will battle it out in the West Division against ECU a la the right Twix versus the left Twix. Rice has a big matchup this weekend against North Texas, which trails by one game.That game will be an "Almond Joy" to watch. The "Dubble Bubble" combo of quarterback Taylor McHargue and running back Charles Ross are ready to pop against defenses. If their defense can stay on a "Tootsie Roll," Rice will be dangerous in November.

Tulane: The Green Wave are like Candy Corn. When I first saw them, I said how can this be a good treat? Boy, was I wrong. The Green Wave beat ECU in overtime and look unstoppable with a weak schedule remaining. Candy Corn and Tulane have both made me a — "Whatcamacallit?" — right ... a believer.

Stay tuned, the rest of the season is guaranteed to be a "CRUNCH."

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