Chris Stephens

UGA Players Who Will Fly Onto The Radar This Year

Created on Aug. 17, 2013 4:55 PM EST

Georgia fans have heard the names Aaron Murray, Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall.

They're the guys fans will depend on to move the offense and score a lot of points.

But it's going to take more than those three if the Bulldogs are going to win an SEC and (possibly) a national title.

Certain players finally have their moments in the spotlight and they're going to shine. So, which players will fly onto the radar this year?

FR S Tray Matthews

Fans have heard of Matthews from his high-school days.

However, this kid is a star in the making on defense. He has the size and strength to play the position, not to mention the instincts. 

If you need a former Bulldogs player as a reference, Thomas Davis is the best example. Like Davis, Matthews is a hard hitter who can also play in pass coverage.

He may struggle as he gets accustomed to the college game, but by the middle of the season, he'll make a difference every game.

SO CB Sheldon Dawson

Opposite Damian Swann at cornerback, Dawson is going to get a lot of balls thrown at him.

He's going to get tested early and often, and he's going to have to come up big if the Bulldogs are going to shut down some of the high-powered offenses they'll face.

If he can burst onto the scene like Swann did last year, Georgia's pass defense should rank as one of the conference's best. My one concern for him is in bump-and-run coverage as the SEC is full of big, physical receivers.

JR WR Chris Conley

Most people know Conley as the guy who caught Murray's final pass in the SEC Championship Game and was tackled in-bounds.

It may have not been the greatest moment in his career, but Conley used that as a learning experience and is looking to become one of the Bulldogs' top receivers this year.

He presents Murray with a big, physical target, and can really get down the field. Don't be surprised to see Conley get more than 1,000 receiving yards this year.

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