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UGA Recruiting: Chubb Gives Bulldogs Backfield Depth

Created on Jun. 21, 2013 3:52 PM EST

Four-star running back Nick Chubb (Cedartown) committed to the Georgia Bulldogs, giving them two of the top running backs in the 2014 class.

Chubb is a big commitment for the Bulldogs as it gives them two legitimate running backs for 2015. The reason 2015 is key is because current running backs Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall are likely to declare for the NFL Draft in 2015.

So, what does Chubb bring to the table? And what can he do for the Bulldogs?

What He Brings

Chubb is an extremely gifted runner who rushed for 2,717 yards on 312 carries and 39 touchdowns. Oh, and that was just in 10 games as his team didn't make the state playoffs.

Had his team made the playoffs, he likely wou.d have become only the third back in state history to rush for 3,000 yards, joining Herschel Walker (1979 Johnson County) and Daccus Turman (2000 Washington-Wilkes).

SB Nation recruiting expert Bud Elliot weighed in on Chubb.

"Chubb seems to have an understanding of what he is as a back, and importantly, what he is not. Chubb is a physical, tough runner who has the feet to make plays in traffic. He'll wait for and hit the hole, and does not bounce the ball outside unnecessarily. That's good, because Chubb is quicker than he is fast, meaning that his acceleration is better than his overall speed.

"Chubb reminds me a bit of Mike Gillislee or Stefan Taylor, in that he is unlikely to rack up highlight after highlight, but he has the ability to pick his way through traffic, keeping his team ahead of the chains and picking up first downs. Not all yards are created equal, and Chubb can pick up some that mean the most."

In essence, he's going to knock you over when he hits the hole and is not going to apologize for it.

What Can He Do For Georgia?

The reason Georgia had a lot of success with the running game in 2012 was because Marshall and Gurley complimented each other very well.

Both were able to get yards on a consistent basis, not giving opposing defenses a break.

Chubb will be paired with five-star running back Sony Michel in his time at Georgia, and they'll both be able to do the same kind of damage.

Michel can get to the edge with his speed and Chubb can bust it up the middle.

Regardless, opposing defenses won't have much of a break when they're on the field.

In fact, this could become a trend for Georgia every few years ... getting two of the best backs in recruiting and pairing them to do damage in the SEC.

How will it all work out?

Only time will tell.

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