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Uruguay FA backs accused Suarez

Created on Apr. 12, 2013 11:31 AM EST

The Uruguayan Football Association says it will defend Luis Suarez from claims he punched an opposing player during a World Cup Qualifier.

The incident occurred during Chile's 2-0 victory over Uruguay in March, when Suarez allegedly threw a punch in the direction of Gonzalo Jara.

Referee Nestor Patana missed the altercation in the penalty area and with retrospective action likely to be taken, the AUF are adamant they will stand by their star man.

"Once again we feel Suarez is being persecuted by different football leagues, mainly the English, and we think this is unjust because it's a normal action in football," AUF president Sebastian Bauza told the Comnebol website.

"We will defend him very strongly. We are working with all the videos and pictures showing Suarez reacted to an initial aggression from Jara."

This is not the first time Suarez has been in trouble over the use of his hands, having been sent off during the 2010 FIFA World Cup quarter-finals for saving a shot with his hand against Ghana.

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