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Uruguayan Clausura: Round 3

Created on Feb. 15, 2014 11:57 AM EST

Three matches on Saturday at 14:30(EST)

Danubio v Liverpool

On Saturday, Danubio and Liverpool will play at Jardines Del Hipodromo for the third round of the Clausura.  Danubio is going into the match with two consecutive draws, while Liverpool is looking to rebound after a draw against Wanderers at the last minute of play.

Danubio lineup: Salvador Ichazo, Fabricio Formiliano, Carlos Canobbio, Emiliano Velázquez, Federico Ricca, Gonzalo Porras, Camilo Mayada, Hugo Soria, Ignacio Gonzalez, Jonathan Alvez, Diego Martinones. 

Liverpool lineup: Guillermo De Amores, Agustin Pena, Caue Fernandes,  Gonzalo Godoy, Christian Almeida, Raul Ferro, Gonzalo Freitas, Ivan Moreno y Fabianesi, Paulo Pezzolano, Rodrigo Aguirre, Javier Ernesto Chevanton.

Wanderers v Cerro Largo

Last week, Wanderers rescued a point against Liverpool in the last minutes of the match. “El Bohemio” is going into the match against Cerro Largo with a spell of good luck. While, Cerro Largo got two tough draws against Danubio and River. Cerro is still searching for a victory.

Wanderers lineup: Federico Cristoforo, Mauricio Gomez, Gaston Bueno, Martin Diaz, Maximiliano Olivera, Guzman Pereira, Adrian Colombino, Santiago Martinez, Gaston Rodriguez, Nicolas Albarracín, Sergio Blanco. 

Cerro Largo lineup: Alvaro Garcia, Alejandro Acosta, Raul Etchandia, Marcos Otegui, Jonathan Souza Motta, Bruno Silva, Ademar Martinez, Ignacio Nicolini, Gustavo Aprile, Rino Lucas, Leonardo Rivero. 

River Plate v Cerro

Parque Saroldi will host a side that has yet to seen a victory and Cerro who got a point last week after drawing with Danubio. 

River lineup: Damian Frascarelli, Claudio Herrera, Williams Martinez, Cristian Gonzalez, Luis Torrecilla, Gabriel Marques, Hamilton Pereira, Fernando Gorriaran, Martin Alaníz, Jonathan Ramirez, Diego Casas. 

Cerro lineup: Rodrigo Odriozola, Mitchell Duarte, Pablo Melo, Maximiliano Pereira, Daniel Leites, Jonathan Rodriguez, Rodrigo De Oliveira, Gustavo Varela, Carlos Grossmuller, Hugo Silveira, Hector Acuna.

On Sunday, four matches will be played. 

Racing v Fenix

Time: 7:30(EST)

Fenix undefeated in the Clausura will maintain the same starting eleven. On the contrary, Racing with one draw, one loss and one victory. The manager, Mauricio Larriera has uncertainty with the team and the results have caused him to rethink of his starting eleven. He has not made any confirmations as he is waiting until practice on Saturday to make any final decisions.

Racing lineup: Jorge Contreras, Gonzalo Aguilar, Pablo Lacoste, Manuel Fernandez, Jesus Trindade, Ernesto Dudok, Angel Cayetano, Diego Zabala, Cristian Tabo, Agustin Guiterrez, Luis Gorocito

Fenix lineup: Luis Mejia, Juan Alvez, Maximiliano, Perg, Ignacio Pallas, Rodrigo Rojo, Gonzalo Pappa, Andres Schettino, Maximiliano Perez, Anibal Hernandez, Lucas Cavallini, Franco Acosta

Defensor Sporting v Juventud

Time: 14:30(EST)

On Friday, Defensor arrived at 10:15 (local time) after a 1:0 loss to Universidad de Chile in the Copa Libertadores. Friday afternoon "El Violeta" practiced and will also practice on Saturday where the manager, Fernando Curutchet will confirm the team.

The bad start to the Clausura has led the manager, Jorge Giordano to make five lineup changes to the Juventud. Ignacio Barrios will be in net instead of Martin Gongora. The defender, Diego Rodriguez, who came from Atletico Malagueno (Spain) will replace Brain De Barros. Cristian Latorre will return to the position of Jonathan Blanes. Lastly, Gaston Puerari will replace the youngster, Javier Chiviate.

El Tanque Sisley v Miramar

Time: 14:30(EST)

A disappointing start to the season for El Tanque but managed to turn it around last week with 4-0 victory against Juventud. Looking to keep on winning but it will be a difficult task against Miramar. Miramar, fighting to not get relegated will have the dad-son duo on the field. Nicolas Pandiani, which arrived in October to Miramar but was not eligible to play until January will finally get to play alongside his father, Walter Pandiani.

Tanque lineup: Nicola Perez, Juan Pablo Fagundez, Martin Galain, Joaquin Aguirre, Yefferson Moreira, Jonathan Iglesias, Andres Aparicio, Pablo Lima Gaston Machado, Junior Arias, Alvaro Alejandro Mello.

Sud America v Nacional

Time: 17:30 (EST)

On Saturday, Institucion Atletica Sud America reaches its 100 years and to celebrate Sud America will utilize a specially designed jersey for the match. The jersey will contain the names of former players. Also, fans had the opportunity to be part of history by making a small donation in exchange to have their name on this specially designed jersey. Nacional, played on Thursday for the Libertadores and fell to Gremio 1-0. Nacional along with Fenix are the only undefeated sides in the Clausura. No confirmation by Pelusso on who will be the starting eleven for Nacional. 

Sud America lineup: Javier Irazun, Maximiliano Pereiro, Santiago Carrera, Diego Viotti, Antonio Fernandez, Adrian Argacha, Richard Pellejero, Fabian Yantorno, Emanuel Centurion, Federico Gallego, Santiago Biglieri

Nacional possible lineup: Gustavo Munua, Pablo Alvarez, Juan Manuel Diaz, Jorge Curbelo, Ismael Benegas, Maximiliano Calzada, Nicolas Prieto, Rinaldo Cruzado, Carlos De Penarol, Gaston Pereiro, Ivan Alonso.

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