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Uruguayan Clausura: Round 5

Created on Mar. 01, 2014 2:26 PM EST

As for now, the leader of the annual table is Danubio with 40 points, followed by Nacional with 39 and Wanderers with 37. While in the Clausura, Fenix and Wanderers share the lead with 10 points.

All of the matches on Saturday will played at 2:30(EST)

Danubio v Penarol

The best fixture on Saturday will be played at Danubio’s stadium Jardines Del Hipodromo.

The locals can now count on Camilo Mayada, as he completed his suspension last week. Salvador Ichazo will be ready to go despite he is going through a tough time personally due to a loss of a family member.

The novelty of Penarol will be Nahitan Nandez, a 19-year-old player from Penarol youth team. Also Hernan Novick, which will be on the bench. On the other hand, Jonathan Rodriguez with the authorization from the manager did not participate in the last practice and will miss the match. 

Danubio lineup: Ichazo, Hugo Soria, Emiliano Velazquez, Carlos Canobbio, Federico Ricca, Fabricio Formiliano, Gonzalo Porras, Camilo Mayada, Ignacio Gonzalez, Jonathan Alvez, Diego Martinones.

Possible lineup: Juan Castillo, Carlos Valdez, Joe Bizera, Gonzalo Viera, Baltasar Silva, Paolo Hurtado, Marcel Novick, Jorge Rodriguez; Antonio Pacheco, Marcelo Zalayeta, Javier Toledo.

Racing v Cerro

Cerro is having a bad season so far and will visit Racing who has been consistent with the results. Last Week, Racing managed to take one point away form Penarol.  

In Racing, Tabo has some slight discomfort and Malrechaufe as well, but both will be ready for the fixture. However, Lacoste is suspended, but some good news is Acosta has already begun training with the team.

In Cerro, Romario felt discomfort in the groin. Latest report suggests it is nothing serious and that he will be able to play tomorrow. On the other hand, Dadomo is now eligible to play.

Rentistas v Juventud

Rentistas seek to keep adding points against Juventud. During the week, Rentistas played a friendly against Plaza Colonia, which resulted in a 0-0.

Sebastian Ramirez has been feeling stiffness, but has been working differentiated and will be ready to go. Nicolas Baran will not be so lucky and will have to miss this weekend's fixture due to some lumbar discomfort.  

As for the visitors, Jorge Giordano (Juventud’s manager), has already confirmed the starting eleven.

Possible lineup: Reyes, Cafu, Lacerda, Pinatares, Marquez, Bazalo, Andres Silva, David Terans, Gonzalo Rosas, Marcelo Fernandez, Octavio Rivero.

Juventud lineup: Ignacio Barrios, Alejandro Reyes, Brian De Barros, Dario Flores, Matias Soto, Cristian Latorre, Renzo Pozzi, Emiliano Romero, Xavier Chivitate, Jaime Baez, Gaston Puerari

Sud America v Cerro Largo

Cerro Largo is coming off a big win with a last minute goal against El Tanque, will not be able to count on Rino Lucas for this match. He is feeling some discomfort in his adductor muscles. Hernan Fener will also have to miss because of accumulated yellow cards.

Sud America at the end of the week finished training focusing on tactics. Just like Cerro Largo, due to accumulation of yellow cards, Diego Viotti will be missing and in his place will be Edgar Martinez. Pellejero is suspended and his replacement Paesso.

Sud America possible lineup: Javier Irazun, Santiago Carrera, Juan Alsina, Antonio Fernandez, Maximilliano Pereiro, Adrian Argacha, Angel Paleso, Federico Gallego, Emanuel Centurion, Santiago Biglieri, Gonzalo Malan

Cerro Largo lineup: Ramiro Bentancur, Guillermo Moretti, Marcos Otegui, Alejandro Acosta, Mauricio Ruiz, Ignacio Nicolini, Bruno Silva, Ademar Martinez, Gustavo Aprile, Fabricio Nunez, Leonardo Rivero

On Sunday there is four great fixtures to tune into.

Wanderers v Fenix

Time: 7:30(EST)

Both teams have begun with an excellent campaign and seek the absolute leadership of the table. With Gaston Bueno already recovered, Arias maintains the team that has been doing well.

Anibal Hernandez has completed his suspension and Fenix will be able to count on him. Fenix has been consistent with the starting line and will start the same eleven once again.

Wanderers lineup: Federico Cristoforo, Mauricio Gomez, Gaston Bueno, Martin Diaz, Maximiliano Olivera, Guzman Pereira, Santiago Martinez, Diego Rodriguez, Matias Santos, Rodrigo Pastorini, Sergio Blanco.

Fenix lineup: Luis Mejia, Juan Alvez, Maximiliano Perg, Ignacio Pallas, Rodrigo Rojo, Gonzalo Papa, Agustin Olivera, Anibal Hernandez, Maximiliano Perez, Lucas Cavallini, Franco Acosta.

Defensor v Miramar

Time: 2:30(EST)

In the Franzini, Defensor will receive Miramar who had a change in management since the last fixture. Gonzalo De Los Santos after last week's defeat, decided that it was time for him to go. Daniel Sanchez has been selected as the new manager and he will not be able to count on Appelt and Broli, both are suspended. Rios and Pandiani are also discarded because of their fifth yellow card. Then there is Lazo, which cannot play because of a clause in his contract since he was a former Defensor player.

Los Violetas, had Ramon Arias missed practice because of fever and Mario Regueiro could return the following week.

Tanque v Liverpool

Time: 2:30(EST)

Tanque cannot count on Juan Pablo Fagundez due to accumulation of yellow cards, Aparicio will take his place. Gaston Machado has a small ankle sprain is still in question if he will be able to play. The decision will be made on Saturday and if he will not be able to then Maxi Borge will enter instead.

In Liverpool, Chevanton returns after serving a controversial suspension. As for Freitas, he still has one more game to complete his suspension.

Tanque possible lineup: Nicola Perez, Martin Galain, Joaquin Aguirre, Yefferson Moreira, Jonathan Iglesias, Pablo Lima, Gaston Martinez, Andres Aparticio, Gaston Machado, Junior Arias, Alvaro Alejandro Mello

Liverpool possible lineup: Guillermo De Amores, Caue Fernandez, Rodrigo Sanguinetti, Christian Almeida, Agustin Pena, Gaston Filgueira, Raul Ferro, Ivan Moreno, Fabianesi, Paulo Pezzolano, Javier Chevanton, Rodrigo Aguirre

River Plate v Nacional

Time: 5:30

To close round four of the Clausura a promising match between Nacional and River.  

River without any major changes in the team. The only change is with Torrecillas because of accumulation of yellow cards. During the week, the Saroldi (River’s stadium) went through an inspection and did not pass. River is very bothered by this and believe put an excuse that “”.

As for Nacional it has been a tough week. Two fixtures in less than a week and both resulted in a defeat. The first fixture was against Danubio, Nacional lost 2-0 at the Parque Central. The other fixture was on Thursday night against Newell, which Newell thrashed Nacional 4-0 in Rosario.

There is unease in Nacional as not wining again has resulted in Nacional to start falling behind in the table and with very little chances to continue to compete in the international championship, the Copa Libertadores.

River possible lineup: Damian Frascarelli, Luis Torrecilla, Cristian Gonzalez, Williams Martinez, Diego Rodriguez, Gabriel Marques, Hamilton Pereira, Fernando Gorriaran, Martin Alaniz, Jonathan Ramirez, Sebastian Taborda

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