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Uruguayan Clausura Round 9: Will Fenix or River take advantage?

Created on Mar. 29, 2014 3:03 PM EST

On Saturday, there are three fixtures at 15:00

Liverpool v Nacional

It has been dreadful for Nacional. On Wednesday, Nacional played their last match for the Copa Libertadores against Newell’s Old Boy. Nacional were defeated 4-2, despite the loss this was one of Nacional best performances. Up until 70th minute Nacional were pressuring and had the opportunity to take the lead. But, with the expulsion of Rafael Garcia at 72th Minute, it left Nacional misplaced in the field and at the 75th minute the first goal from Trezeguet in the Libertadores was converted for Newell’s. At the 80th minute there was another sending off for Nacional with Nacional’s goalkeeper touching the ball outside the area. Nacional had used the three substitutions, leaving Nacional with no option but to put one of the on-field players in net. The captain, Scotti took to net and in the last minutes of play came Newell’s forth goal. Meanwhile, Liverpool comes from a 2-2 tie on the road against Cerro Largo. Nacional’s have some good news for this fixture as Recoba is recovered and might play a few minutes.

Liverpool lineup: Guillermo De Amores, Caue Fernandez, Rodrigo Sanguinetti, Gonzalo Godoy, Agustin Pena, Raul Ferro, Gonzalo Feitas, Gaston Filgueira, Paulo Pezzolano, Javier Chevanton, Rodrigo Aguirre

Nacional probable lineup: Gustavo Munua, Pablo Alvarez, Ismael Benegas, Andres Scotti, Darwin Torres, Diego Arismendi, Nicolas Prieto, Rinaldo Cruzado, Gaston Pereiro, Ivan Alonso, Juan Cruz Mascia

Sud America v El Tanque

El Tanque have not seen victory since the third round of the Clausura, in which Tanque defeated Miramar 1-0 in Florida. If the results continue to be bad,  Tanque will be located in a difficult situation for the next tournament possible relegation for the 2014/2015 Uruguayan Championship. Sud America, meanwhile, has been more consistent with the results.

Sud America probable lineup: Javier Irazun, Fernando Pacual, Alejandro Fernandez, Martinez, Diego Viotti, Federico Gallego, Richard Pellejero, Fabian Yantorno, Emanuel Centurion, Max Rauhoffer, Nicolas Royon

El Tanque probable lineup: Nicola Perez, Danilo Asconeguy, Sergio Felope, Joaquin Aguirre, Jefferson Moreira, Gaston Martinez, Andres Aparicio, Jonathan Iglesias, Matias Acuna, Junior Arias, Facundo Guichon

Wanderers v Danubio FC

Wanderers will be looking to get back to the top when Danubio receives Danubio. Danubio, is coming off a defeat against River and Danubio can't leave any more points on the road if it aspires to be a position to compete at International competitions. Both of the Canobbio brothers will be out for this fixture. Carlos Canobbio is having muscle spasms and Fabian Cannobio will be out for two months after receiving surgery for the Achilles tendon.

Wanderers lineup: Federico Cristoforo, Mauricio Gomez, Gaston Bueno, Martin Diaz, Martin Rivas, Guzman Pereira, Matias Santos, Adrian Colombino, Kevin Ramirez, Rodrigo Pastorini, Sergio Blanco

Danubio lineup: Salvador Ichazo, Hugo Soria, Jadson Viera, Emiliano Velazquez, Federico Ricca, Gonzalo Porras, Gaston Faber, Camilo Mayada, Ignacio Gonzalez, Jonathan Alvez, Bruno Fornaroli

On Sunday, there are four fixtures to tune into. 

Cerro v Cerro Largo

TIME: 9:30

A direct match for relegation, both have to win if they wish to remain in the first division. Cerro, is coming into the match with enthusiasm after defeating Penarol in El Centenario.

Cerro probable lineup: Rodrigo Odrozola, Jonathan Rodriguez, Pablo Melo, Daniel Leites, Claudio Dadomo, Pablo Caballero, Javier Mendez, Juan Curbelo, Carlos Grossmuller, Juan Delgado, Hector Acuna

Cerro Largo probable lineup: Alvaro Garcia, Raul Echandia, Martin Gonzalez, Guillermo Moretti, Mauricio Ruiz, Ignacio Nicolini, Bruno Silva, Gustavo Aprile, Diego De Souza, Rino Lucas, Leonardo Rivero

Juventud v Fenix

TIME: 15:00

Juventud is going into the match with confidence after a big win last weekend against Nacional in the Parque Central. Burian, being on loan from Nacional was ineligible to play last weekend, but the time has come and he will make his debut for Juventud on Sunday. While, Fenix, have only lost one match in the Clausura and doesn't want to lose the lead of the table. Mejia will return to net for Fenix and Rafeal Garcia will miss the match with an ankle sprain.

Juventud lineup: Leonardo Burian, Alejandro Reyes, Diego Rodriguez, Dario Flores, Matias Soto, Renzo Pozzi, Jonathan Blanez, Cristian Latorre, Matias Porcari, Gaston Purari, Jaime Baez

Fenix lineup: Luis Mejia, Juan Alvez, Maximiliano Perg, Ignacio Pallas, Rodrigo Rojo, Maximiliano Perez, Emiliano Piedra, Agustin Olivera, Anibal Hernandez, Gonzalo Vega, Maximiliano Callorda

Rentistas v River Plate

TIME: 15:00

River Plate fighting at the top with Fenix to lead the table. Meanwhile, Rentistas last match was a 2-2 tie with El Tanque. Rentistas wants to continue to fight for a position that will qualify them to an international competition. 

Rentistas lineup: Guillermo Reyes, Marcelo Lacerda, Sebastian Sellanes, Bruno Pinatares, Gonzalo Basallo, Facundo Moreira, Rodrigo Sebastian Vazquez, Nicolas Baran, Marcelo Fernandez, Danilo Coccaro, Octavio Rivero

River Plate lineup: Damian Frascarelli, Claudio Herrera, Cristian Gonzalez, Williams Martinez, Diego Rodriguez, Claudio Inella, Gabriel Marques, Fernando Gorriaran, Martin Alaniz, Sebastian Taborda, Leandro Rodriguez

Miramar v Penarol

TIME: 15:00

Miramar is last in the annual and Clausura table and a victory against Los Carboneros will be a miracle. While, Penarol is coming into the match on a low with two defeats. In the Libertadores Penarol lost against Santos Laguna and the chance of continuing on to the next round of  the Libertadores is now gone. Also, last weekend for the Clausura, Penarol lost to Cerro 1-0.  Fabian Estoyanoff is back along with Pablo Lima and Carlos Nunez. 

Penarol probable lineup:Juan Castillo, Jonathan Sandoval, Carlos Valdez, Emilio Mac Eachen , Paolo Hurtado, Nahitan Nandez, Marcel Novick, Jorge Rodriguez, Luis Aguiar, Marcelo Zalayeta, Javier Toldeo

Miramar: Adrian Berbia ,Adrian Romero, Santiago Mastrangelo, Pablo Pallante, FAcundo Tealde, Marcelo Broli, Pablo Castro, Cristian Colman, Sebastian Perez, Walter Pandiani, Leonardo Melazzi

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