Christopher Smith

UT, VT Set For Record Crowd In 2016

Created on Oct. 10, 2013 2:30 PM EST

How do you draw more than 110,000 fans to watch a sporting event in the South?

Invite them to a NASCAR track, of course.

The Bristol Motor Speedway to be precise. That's where Tennessee and Virginia Tech will play in 2016, according to an AP report. The venue could hold 150,000 fans or more, smashing the record attendance for a college football game (115,109, Notre Dame at Michigan, 2011).

The speedway roughly is a two-hour drive from both campuses. Though neither school confirmed the game, which may take place Sept. 10, 2016, Virginia Tech athletic director Jim Weaver's comments all but assured the game will happen, with an apparent press conference Monday.

"I can just tell you I'm going to be in Bristol on Monday from about 11 to 1," Weaver said. "I think it has a chance to be a really nice event."

The biggest mystery, other than the novelty of the venue and the size of the crowd, is where the speedway will place the field on the asphalt track and infield.

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