Michael Saenz

We Shouldn’t Sleep On The Tennessee Titans Anymore

Created on Sept. 23, 2013 8:59 AM EST

The Tennessee Titans did it again.

They continue to impress. First, beating the Pittsburgh Steelers (which doesn’t look that great now, but still), then nearly beating the Houston Texans (they really should’ve beaten them) and now, topping the San Diego Chargers in grand fashion.

A Jake Locker-led 94-yard winning touchdown drive put the icing on the cake as the Titans knocked off the Bolts 20-17 in what was Tennessee’s home opener.

Locker’s 34-yard strike to Justin Hunter down the right sideline clinched a dynamic game-winning drive. The Tennessee Titans are not punking us, guys. They’re for real. The only question that remains is how for real they are/can be.

Three weeks into the season, you don’t normally say that about a team that only managed six wins the previous year. But this isn’t your normal six-win team. There’s just something about this Titans team that screams dangerous.

I don’t know if it’s the potential of Jake Locker, the history of a Chris Johnson or the nastiness of its new defense. There’s something about this year’s version of the Tennessee Titans, something different.

Perhaps the most telling stat of all? The Titans have not yet committed a turnover in 12 quarters of play. They are the fifth team in the Super Bowl era to not turn the ball over in the first three games.

If this Titans offense doesn’t turnover the ball – the way they’ve been doing – and with that defense, you can almost bet that they’ll be in almost every game all season long. More importantly, they’ll have opportunities to win games they have no business winning. Case in point, week two at Houston.

Locker isn’t going to “wow” you with his stats (he’s only averaging 191 passing yards per game), and Johnson isn’t going to run crazy – not in this new two-back system. But this defense is good enough for the Titans to continue to overcome those setbacks, if you will.

Tennessee is going to be in their fair share of ball games this season, it just depends what they do in those opportunities that is going to determine whether or not they’re playing in January. And if Locker and company can replicate what they did in the first three weeks of the season, they’re definitely on the right track.

Tennessee plays the New York Jets and Kansas City Chiefs in back-to-back games coming up, 4-1 is definitely a possibility.

A real possibility.

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