Scott Daniels

Weaving Discord: Is There Turmoil In The House Of Kelly?

Created on Jun. 20, 2013 6:14 PM EST

Disorder, turmoil and divided: all words to describe a locker room in disarray, and typically found within the confines of an NFL team that can’t find its way out of the loss column. A poor product on the field often times causes spats in the locker room, finger pointing in press conferences and, of course, the blame game in Monday morning print — a pastime for sports writers everywhere.

Why am I even bringing this up now? According to Leonard Weaver, former fullback for the Eagles who retired in April, the current Eagles players are unhappy and not on board with Chip Kelly’s new regime. While these statements came by way of tweets, as with most spontaneous blurts over social media, there’s really no way to confirm these reports unless the players speak out.

So far, all we’ve heard from players thus far is how excited they are to play for a guy like Kelly and the new system he’s brought in. The only bit of controversy out of Eagles camp has been who will be the starting quarterback this upcoming season and when Kelly will formally announce his decision. As for any locker room divide, Weaver’s tweets resemble a last ditch attempt to stay relevant as opposed to a valid journalistic foreshadow of what’s to come in Philly.

At this point, why would any of the players feel resentment or distrust towards Kelly? Whether they are Andy Reid loyalists or not, the old regime failed over the last two seasons. Tee times and early vacations were the only things waiting for Eagle players in the last two years. With Kelly comes the inevitable change, and based on the team’s performance lately, hopefully it’s across the board.

Under Kelly, the team hasn’t played a game, so who knows if his system will work or not. The Eagles have enough weapons to generate legitimate excitement on the offensive side of the ball, and better yet, with Vick at the helm, the primary options have familiarity with each other.

Not really sure where Weaver was coming from a few weeks ago with his tweets, but in this day and age, it’s not really surprising to hear these things. Eagles camp has been quieter than a Sixers playoff run lately, but thus far, negativity is still holding out, which is never a bad thing.

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