Evan Grossman

Week 12 NFL Predictions

Created on Nov. 20, 2013 10:46 AM EST

Week 11 was a perfect example of how the officials will always find a way to interfere with your picks. If you took the Patriots Monday night, then you were probably screaming at the television just like Tom Brady let the refs have it in the tunnel on their way off the field. Remember all that euphoria when the officials came back to work last season after another bad Monday night call? Well, some of you probably wish they would take a hike again.

Week 12 presents four kinds of games for our expert panel of pigskin pickers. There are three games we really love, there are five games we love, three games we kind of like, and two games you should probably stay away from. The Saints, Panthers and 49ers are unanimous picks from the eight experts this week, all getting lots of love despite relativey small opening spreads. The seven points the Saints are spotting the Falcons in Atlanta Thursday night represents the biggest spread in the unanimous picks. The other two spreads are only four points. But we still really love those games.

The Packers, Chiefs, Colts, Steelers, and — wait for it — the Jagaurs, have all won the trust of at least seven of the eight experts this week. The Jaguars are getting lots of love for the first time all season getting 10 points from the Texans in Houston.

Six of us are going with the Ravens, Cowboys and Broncos in this week's three most entertaining games. Baltimore hosts the bi-polar Jets and gives up three points, while the Cowboys play the biggest game of the year in the NFC East, getting three points from the Giants in New Jersey. The Broncos are spotting Tom Brady and the Patrios 2.5 points in New England, which may be the best game of the week.

Finally, you should probably stay away from the Lions, giving 9.5 points to the suddendly not-so-awful Buccaneers, and the Raiders, who spot the Titans 1.5 points in Oakland.

Brett Spielberg continues to lead the pack after a 10-win Week 11. He leads all experts with 45 wins on the season, followed by Josh Grossman (41), and Stan Chrapowicki, who also posted 10 wins last week to improve to 39 wins for the year.

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