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Week 13 NFL Predictions

Created on Nov. 27, 2013 7:09 AM EST

Week 13 has got to be oozing with luck, right? We know that the weekend will be oozing with turkey gravey and all the trimmings, making this the most glorious weekend of the football season short of the Super Bowl. This weekend is all about food and football, leftovers and big hits. But even bigger than the collisions at the front door of your department store of choice, where loads of Black Friday (and mid-day Thursday) collisions are guaranteed to take place, the Week 13 NFL schedule features a couple of doozies.

This week's schedule breaks down into four types of games: games you might want to invest in, games and spreads absolutely burning a hole in your wallet, games that stink worse than the house about an hour after the feast is over, and the games that are just there and not very attractive nor offensive.

Teams we absolutely adore this week and have all seven experts digging into their pockets are the Lions, Bears, Patriots and Giants.

Only one expert is not picking the Dolphins to cover.

Five of the experts are hitching their wagons to the Jaguars (a big bet for a third straight week), the Bucs (another recent fad), the Rams, Bengals, and the Broncos in a rematch against the possibly paper-tiger Chiefs.

Finally, the experts are hesitant to jump on the Raiders, Steelers, Colts, Cardinals, Bills and in the game of the week, the Seahawks against the Saints. That last game takes place in Seattle, giving the Seahawks a little something extra, but that may be a game to stay away from and just enjoy for the drama of the two best teams in the NFC getting after it.

Despite bringing up the rear with four wins last week, Brett Spielbeg continues to pace the football.com experts with 49 wins on the season. Josh Grossman is right up there with 47 wins against the opening spread, followed by Stan Chrapowicki and Evan Grossman's 46.

Enjoy the weekend everybody. Don't eat too much turkey and don't bet on too many of them. And please behave at the store on Friday morning.

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