Evan Grossman

Week 15 NFL Predictions

Created on Dec. 11, 2013 1:24 PM EST

With three weeks remaining in the NFL regular season, you'd like to think that we know who teams are at this point. We know who the solid squads are, we know who the contenders are, and we know who the pretenders are.

Maybe we're on to something.

For the football.com NFL experts, there was a lot we agreed on this week. More than any other week this season, we were picking in total harmony when it came to the Saints, Seahawks, Patriots, Eagles, and Chiefs. Yep, we like those teams a lot. We like them because they have proven themselves, in the words of Walter Sobchak, to be worthy adversaries. They are the men in the black pajamas. But that group is also lining up against a gang that can't shoot straight, and for every bit that we like those teams, we tend to not like their feeble opponents.

We also continue to believe in the Jaguars and there is even a small group of us that give the Jets a snowball's chance in Carolina against the biggest opening spread of the week.

Brett Spielberg continues to pace the pack with 68 wins this season but Josh Grossman, fresh off a 12-win Week 14, is in hot pursuit.

Click ahead to see how they, and the rest of the experts, predict Week 15 will go down. 

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