Evan Grossman

Week 5 NFL Predictions

Created on Oct. 02, 2013 10:05 AM EST

With the season virtually a quarter over, football.com's big-brained pigskin prognosticators barrel into Week 5. With 14 games on the schedule and the Vikings, Steelers, Buccaneers and Redskins mercifully on byes this week, there will be plenty of action throughout the weekend.

The potential is there for some classic clashes when the Saints wrestle the Bears, the Patriots face off against the Bengals, the Ravens take on the Dolphins, the Lions travel to Green Bay, Denver takes on Dallas, and the Texans head to San Francisco. There is also the potential for some ugliness when the Jaguars battle the Rams, the Chargers take on the Raiders, and the Jets head to Atlanta Monday night.

After four weeks, we think we know who some teams are. The Broncos and Seahawks are the class of the NFL, the Jags and Giants, remarkably, are among the worst teams in the league, and we're still waiting to see just how good Indianapolis and Kansas City are. And then there are the Browns, who take on Buffalo Thursday night looking for a third straight win since the trade that everyone thought would end their season.

As for the certainties: Peyton Manning will throw another touchdown. Texans fans will burn another jersey. And Geno Smith will turn the ball over at least once.

On to the predictions ...

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