Evan Grossman

Week 6 NFL Predictions

Created on Oct. 08, 2013 11:54 PM EST

We learned a lot last week...

  • We learned that the Giants haven't felt this way since Ray Handley went 6-10.
  • But we also learned that Giants fans would probably take 6-10 right now.
  • We learned that the government is taking some time off.
  • But we also learned that Navy SEALs still get the job done, despite also being a part of that same government.
  • We learned that non-essential employees might not be essential.
  • This week, we're learning that the difference between the best team in the NFL and the worst team in the NFL begins at 27.5 points.
  • Denver got Peyton Manning last summer and the Jets got Tim Tebow. How is that working out for everyone?
  • We learned a little about Geno Smith last week.
  • We learned that being undefeated doesn't last very long. That the Colts, Broncos and Chiefs might be wondering who the No. 4 team in the AFC is right now.
  • We learned that the Cowboys might be the NFC's version of the Colts right now.
  • We learned what a Sunday night without Walter White is like.
  • We learned that the New Orleans Saints are on the rise.
  • We realized why Michael Vick dropped so low in your fantasy draft.
  • We wondered why Tony Romo went even later.
  • We learned that the Green Bay Packers might be the greatest 2-2 team of all time.

We learned a lot.

Week 6 is upon us with no shortage of litmus tests, no drought of lopsided matchups and no scarcity of games that have the potential impact of saving a season or destroying one.

Read on and maybe you'll learn something.

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