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Weekly Fantasy Football: Bush To Rebound

Created on Nov. 20, 2013 7:28 AM EST

Weekly Fantasy Football

Scored a ton last week and lost. Scored just a solid amount (148) and win this week, as my opponent scores 113. Fantasy football… ah, the game we play.

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Five Card Stud(s)

Cam Newton – Wait, aren't the Dolphins strong against the pass? They're actually quite strong – fifth toughest matchup for quarterbacks. Why am I recommending Cam then (along with Peyton Manning to go with a dual-QB lineup as always)? It's the rushing ability of Newton and the lack of the Dolphins ability to stop it. The Dolphins are the fourth worst team against the run fantasy wise, which makes Newton a great bet to score with his legs. Toss in an average 200 yards and passing score, and you have a real nice day from Newton in the end.

Reggie Bush (Ace in the Hole) – I attempted to assuage the fears of his owners over and again Sunday evening with this statement, and I'll share it with you: Bush was not benched for fumbling. The team has since echoed that fact, and if you watched, Bush simply couldn't use his cutback ability on that slop. The Lions head home this week, and Joique Bell is banged up. Guess what that means? Great playing situation and more touches with an iffy Bell. Three of Bush's games with more than 16 fantasy points have come at home, and in games where teams have fought to limit Calvin Johnson, Bush has gone off. Which player do you think the Bucs are planning for more? Yep, Megatron. Bush is in for a guaranteed double-digit day.

Bobby Rainey – Now hold on, don't get crazy and think we're looking at a superstar. There is a reason Rainey is on his third team this year. However, Rainey will be the lead option against the Lions, and this is more about his price of $6.0 million. Any time you can get a team's starting running back for that little – even if he's a RB2 in this matchup with RB4/flex floor value – you have to take advantage to spend big elsewhere (ahem, two QBs anyone?).

Vincent Jackson – I actually don't like the thought of two Bucs in my lineup. Yet, VJax is a stud, going against a defense that is the second easiest for receivers and has 39 catches for 535 yards and five touchdowns since the Bucs bye. If you take out the three tough matchups (Panthers, Seahawks, Dolphins), Jackson had 29 catches for 417 yards and five touchdowns in three games! Matchups, matchups, matchups!

Rueben Randle – Another big bargain at $5.8 million, Randle has become Eli Manning's second receiver of choice. Forget about Hakeem Nicks, it's Randle's game now. Manning has (just) 12 touchdowns on the season; six of them have gone to Randle. With a matchup against the Cowboys, do I need to give you more reasons to use him?

Muck 'Em

Robert Griffin III – Coming off two big games, it's tough to say RG3 isn't attractive for your fantasy team. Nevertheless, once you look at the matchup (here we are again) you see that RG3 is money not well spent. Those two big games came against the Eagles and Vikings – two of the worst pass defenses in the league. Now, the Redskins head far west to San Francisco, a team ticked off about the Drew Brees call and looking for a win to keep their playoff hopes alive. RG3 might not make it out of this game healthy.

Ray Rice – You're going to be tempted after his Lazarus-like resurrection last week, but don't you do it. Rice is $13.0 million, and that is huge money! That was only Rice's third game over six fantasy points, which all involved touchdowns. The Jets are the second toughest team for fantasy running backs, allowing just 11.0 PPG. Rice won't make it back-to-back weeks of fantasy glory.

Antonio Brown – Loved him last week – actually, I've liked Brown several of the past weeks – but I don't in Week 12. Brown draws Joe Haden. In case you haven't seen what Haden can do, just check how well (poorly) A.J. Green did in his matchups with Haden. Brown is a decent price at $8.2 million just about any week, except this one.

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Back to using the Broncos as we always should, and, don't think for a second that we're not looking at a shootout between them and the Patriots. The Lions have a great chance to put up points this week (why else would I campaign for Bush above?). The Chargers, Ravens, Dolphins and Redskins all have tough matchups and are teams I’d avoid. The Raiders and Vikings both could be sneaky plays for points this week.

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