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Weekly Fantasy Football: Josh McCown Locked In?

Created on Nov. 27, 2013 7:45 AM EST

Weekly Fantasy Football

Killed! Killed I tell you. Peyton Manning, big let down. Ben Tate, what happened? Bobby Rainey, bottled up. Vincent Jackson, Alshon Jeffery and Rueben Randle with 25 points between them. And then the Chiefs defense with negative two?! So, yea, pretty much the worst week yet. On we go to better things!

Salary Cap Game (Details)

Five Card Stud(s)

Josh McCown – Say what? Yep. I’m rolling him out there. McCown has actually scored nearly as much as Jay Cutler in points per game, and this week, the Bears host the woeful Vikings. Only the Cowboys allow more points to quarterbacks, and with the Bears fighting for their playoff lives (and coming off a bad loss), we can expect a heavy push on the offensive side. Plus, McCown is just $14.0 million, which makes him a quarterback bargain.

Danny Woodhead (Ace in the Hole) – Stop me if you’ve heard this, but Ryan Mathews is banged up. Yep, the most common words in Chargers running back history – maybe outside of LaDainian is the greatest! Woodhead is still a PPR beast, still just $7.2 million and still a near must-start. Forget the worries of the Bengals defense. Woodhead will see a heavy workload with Mathews likely sidelined – really, are the Chargers going to use Ronnie Brown that much? – meaning we can expect another big day for one of the season’s best values.

Andre Brown – Speaking of values, we have a running back with near RB1 worth, yet who is priced as a flex level option. Brown is just $8.1 million, and even if we didn’t factor in the matchup with the Redskins, we’d have a terrific value play on our hands. Now consider that the Redskins allow the third most PPG to running backs, and there you have it, plenty of reasons to lock Brown in there.

Pierre Garcon – On the other side of the ball, we have a receiver who is 14th overall, even after a low two-week stretch. Look for Garcon to get back on track against the Giants. Few teams have more issues on defense, and the Giants potentially lost another corner in replacement Trumaine McBride. Even if he’s good to go, that secondary is pitiful and was only buoyed by the gambit of rec-league level quarterbacks they faced during their win streak. Garcon and Robert Griffin will feast.

Josh Gordon – Ready to keep it simple? It doesn’t matter who the quarterback is in Cleveland. That’s it. The end. Gordon plays every week. Yes, it’s risky to play a receiver coming off a game like that, and there is no way Gordon will replicate that performance. However, the Browns face the Jaguars! Okay, wait, so maybe there is a chance Gordon makes it back-to-back 200-yard games.

Muck 'Em

Andrew Luck – The wheels are falling off. Not only has Luck (and the Colts) played downright awful football of late, the Titans have one of the stingiest pass defenses in the league. If there was a week for Luck to right the ship, this ain’t it, and he’s nowhere near being worth $17.2 million.

Stevan Ridley – What happens when you fumble for Bill Belichick? You end up in the doghouse. What happens when you do it multiple times in one season? Well, you might as well start sending your mail to that doghouse and just stay in street clothes on game day. Nice knowing you Ridley.

Michael Crabtree – Hopefully, no one was planning to plug him in during his first game back and with a $9.3 million price, but just in case… An Achilles injury is one of the toughest sports injuries to return from, and Crabtree will need at least one game to get back in game shape, if not more. Do not get cute here. Crabtree is likely not worth that price for the rest of the season, let alone this week.

Fantasy Challenge Game (Details)

Part of me wants to pick the Broncos, but in Arrowhead? I don’t think I can, and I certainly won’t take the Saints against the Seahawks D. Looks as though the Panthers against the Bucs might be the best play in Group 1. Patriots against the lowly Texans with everyone healthy? You have to like that. I don’t like the Steelers or Ravens on a short week or in a divisional game. The Packers could put up some good points, or completely disappoint. It is Matt Flynn after all. The Cardinals are playing great football and great defense; don’t be too hasty in picking the Eagles. Both the Giants and Redskins have a chance to score big, but I’d prefer the Skins of the two.

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