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Weekly Fantasy Football: No Peyton? Insane

Created on Oct. 09, 2013 7:43 AM EST

Weekly Fantasy Football

Even with Rashad Jennings doing his best Darren McFadden impression (see: injuring himself again), you likely dominated as I did if you followed the majority of last week's list. After all, having Peyton Manning, Jamaal Charles and DeSean Jackson in your lineup helps. Well, Manning alone really. On to Week 6 and a move to my general theme for all things fantasy… poker!

Salary Cap Game (Details)

Ace in the Hole

Peyton Manning – Until further notice. Honestly, why would you choose anyone else as your quarterback? Manning is setting records, weekly, and the Broncos face the Jaguars this week. The spread is 27.5 points! With Manning "just" the fifth-highest priced QB, you should simply "set it and forget it!"

Five Card Stud(s)

Reggie Bush – Last week was a disappointment, but it's hard to hold it against Bush and the team, as they played without Calvin Johnson. That's going to downgrade your offense no matter who you are. Johnson should return this week, and while the Browns have a solid defense, Bush is another week removed from injury and is a fantasy machine in PPR scoring.

DeMarco Murray – Only five teams allow more points per game than the Redskins, and as we saw last week, the Cowboys can hang with anyone. Murray gave way to Tony Romo's monster day, but he is still fifth overall in PPR scoring at 17.6 per game. Murray is a bit pricey at $12.1 million, but when you factor in his production returned, Murray becomes a near must-have for your squad.

Terrance Williams – Grabbing two 'Boys this week. Williams posted his best game of the season in Week 3 and then nearly doubled that last week (25.3 PPR points). As mentioned with Murray, the Redskins are far from a defensive worry and might even give up more than the Broncos did. Williams' arrow is clearly pointing up, and with Miles Austin still ailing, his $5.0 million price should have you drooling.

Jordan Cameron – Rebound week! Let's ignore the game against the Bills for Cameron. With the Brian Hoyer injury, the offense gameplan changed a bit, and Cameron was the one left out. With the Lions on tap, you can certainly expect different this week, and his $6.1 million cost means we have to stick with him.

Chiefs D/ST – Like Manning, this should be an automatic plug and play spot for the forseable future. The Chiefs are one of the cheapest units, allow a league low 11.6 PPG and head to Oakland this week. The Raiders might not even have a healthy running back at this point. Even if they do, the Chiefs defense is one of the best options.

Muck 'Em

Eli Manning – Just not worth it. Manning is putting up yards, and often TDs, but the picks are insane. Add in a matchup against the Bears, on a short week nonetheless, and you have a mess in the making. There are simply too many other options – many cheaper – for you to even think about grabbing the "other" Manning.

Trent Richardson – It's not that TRich is a poor running back – far from it in fact – it's that Richardson isn't the elite back we thought he would be. Richardson lost a goal line opportunity to Donald Brown last week and is barely rushing over 3.0 YPC in Indy. When you factor in his $14.2 million price, you see there are several better options for your RB position.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis – Law Firm is still seeing some of the Bengals backfield duties, but Gio Bernard is steadily wrestling away more of the share. With this being PPR scoring and Green-Ellis having a high(ish) price of $9.8 million, there is no reason for his being in your lineup.

Dwayne Bowe – So Alex Smith was supposed to help Bowe's fantasy outlook, right? So much for that. Smith (and Andy Reid) appeared enamored with throwing to Charles and the tight ends (The Wrath of McGrath! Yes, I coined that and want the t-shirt!). Whether that's an accurate assessment or Smith just doesn’t like Bowe, the targets and production just aren't there, which makes Bowe a waste at $8.5 million.

Fantasy Challenge Game (Details)

Broncos. Check. With the Giants, Eagles and Redskins allowing points in bunches, the Bears, Bucs and Cowboys are near locks for their groups. I find it hard to pick anyone else in those pairings, outside of maybe… maybe… the Packers over the Bears. Group 2 is tough, but I'm looking for the Patriots to come out firing, especially if Rob Gronkowski returns. The other tough call is in Group 6. Man, this is a blah four-pack. The Vikings defense is better than it has played, and they are at home, but Cam Newton and the Panthers can put up points any given week. Remember, they skunked the Giants 38-0.

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