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Weekly Fantasy Football: The End Is Here

Created on Dec. 25, 2013 8:18 AM EST

Weekly Fantasy Football

What? There is still fantasy football going on? Yes! Well, I say that hoping the only version you are playing is the daily/weekly games. Please don't settle fantasy championships in Week 17. Let me rephrase. You are insane, crazy, idiotic, moronic… okay, you get it… if you play Week 17 in regular leagues. As for the daily ones, there is still fun to be had!

Salary Cap Game (Details)

Five Card Stud(s)

Nick Foles – This should come as no surprise. We’ve rode the Foles bandwagon (actually, I am one of the original drivers) most of the season, and we're not stopping now. Must-win game? Check. Matchup against the worst defense in the league? Check. Top Five QB in his full-game starts? Check. Ridiculously priced at $12.4 million? Discount quadruple check!

DeMarco Murray – Staying with this game, Murray has tons of potential this week. Actually, Murray does most any week, but the Cowboys refuse to run more. You have to think they will be forced to pound the rock more against an Eagles team where 1) they'll want to keep the ball away from that offense and 2) prevent Kyle Orton from having to do too much to win. Murray is a Top Three running back in Week 17.

Rashad Jennings – I don't love the man. Jennings is just a mediocre RB2 play. However, I do love the price. Jennings is also just $4.2 million. Let me say that again. Jennings is a RB2, who actually has RB1 numbers since he took over, and is priced near the bottom of the running back list. You can't ignore that value.

Josh Gordon – Bounce-back week! Truthfully, Gordon wasn't that bad last week, he just didn't have a Gordon-esque type outing. Look for that to change against Ike Taylor and the Steelers. Or, have you already forgotten that Gordon posted a 14-catch, 237-yard and one touchdown line against them back in Week 12?

Alshon Jeffery – Another must-win game situation. Jeffery has been a beast since Week 4 with only two non double-digit games in PPR formats. Jeffery had five catches for 60 yards and a touchdown against the Packers the first time, and that was before the Packers defense fell apart and the playoffs were on the line. Lock him in at just $6.2 million.

Muck 'Em

Eli Manning – Just in case anyone was thinking of getting cute with Eli and his $15.0 million price. Even though Eli faces the terrible Redskins defense, don't risk him and his turnovers. Victor Cruz is done for the year, and the Giants might pull Eli early to keep him from injury and/or see what they have in Ryan Nassib.

Jamaal Charles – The Chiefs have nothing to play for. Make sure Charles isn't in your lineup, and if you are really feeling frisky, Knile Davis is an intriguing boom/bust play.

Michael Floyd – Floyd had a nice run for a while there, but he has just 14 points in the last three games, and that includes a touchdown. That's also including only five catches. The 49ers are a tough matchup for any player, let alone one with a struggling quarterback of late, and one with so few receptions.

Fantasy Challenge Game (Details)

Broncos with the No. 1 seed on the line? That's easy. Saints with the playoffs on the line? Okay, two for two in decisions made for us. Eagles versus the Cowboys defense? Okay, this is too easy. Bears versus Packers. That's a bit tougher. If Aaron Rodgers plays, easy pick with the Pack. If not, coin flip on who you think will win. With the Chiefs resting, you want to avoid them. The Chargers have upside in a last-ditch effort for the playoffs. Even at home, the Falcons are risky versus the Panthers. Both AFC North and NFC West matchups point to lower scoring. It could go either way with division games, but I'd avoid them myself.

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