Wenger's Arsenal Gaining Momentum

Created on Aug. 15, 2014 10:36 AM EST

Now is the season for Arsenal to rid its supporters of their discontent.

The Barclay’s League Premier League title, that has eluded the Club for going on ten years, is finally within reach.

The computer generated fixture-list has been kind to the Gunners this year.

Gone, for the most part, are the congested back-to-back matchups with the behemoths.

A stretch of games in mid-September, however, could well decide Arsenal’s fate in the marathon that is the BPL.

Starting on September 13th, the Gunners face a crucial stretch of four league matches: Manchester City, Aston Villa, Tottenham Hotspurs, and Chelsea.

If Arsenal can achieve nine points out of those twelve, having both City and Spurs at home, they have a genunie shot at the title.  Nine massive points are needed, and six of them have to be taken off of the Citizens and the Blues.

There is a zero success rate in an approach to the season that is founded upon beating the minnows and losing to the sharks.

The oil-baron monsters lurking in the depths of Manchester and London must be dispatched.  Arsenal must inflict revenge upon two of the Clubs that brutally attacked them during the last campaign. 

That much is clear.

After the September stretch of matches, Arsenal has what, in the Premier League, can be considered a kind fixture list.  There are a few difficult back-to-back league encounters, but for the most part the matches against the predators don’t pile on top of eachother like last season, and encounters with bottom half-sides are sandwiched inbetween the battles with the titans.

This season is Arsenal’s best shot in nearly a decade at reclaiming the league title; but in order to mount a legitimate challenge more summer signings are needed...

Positions to Upgrade and Provide Cover:

Aresenal need to sign a world-class talent for the holding- midfield role.  Giving Mikel Arteta the captain’s arm band is troubling.  Despite being a willing and committed servant to the Club, he is well and truly past any semblance of his prime.  Odd that Wenger would choose to assign the captaincy to the former deadline-day signing.  It’s concerning for a number of reasons.  Arteta doesn’t fire up his teammates or grab them by the scruff of the neck when things go wrong.  Instead he vanishes.  For much of the last half of last season, when he putted along on fumes, he looked more suited to serving tapas, wearing white pants, and mastering a lengthy siesta routine on the beaches of Miami then he did to stopping the rot during drubbings by City, Liverpool, and Chelsea.  Per Mertesacker, Laurent Koscielny, Aaron Ramsey, there were a number of better options.

But perhaps most worringly is that this may signify Arsene Wenger has given up on signing a new central midfielder to cover the back four. 

This is a major issue that will rear its head midway into the season; as the only pure options for that role are represented by 30+ year old players in Mathieu Famini and Mikel Arteta.  The former is prone to suspension and the latter to exhaustion.

Calum Chambers may well find himself playing center-back, left-back, right-back, and holding-midfield this season if a new signings are not brought in.

The situation is dire in the center of the park; and made all the more so by the departure of Bacary Sagna to City and the loaning of Carl Jenkinson to West Ham; Wenger has limited his choice of first team backup defenders to Chambers and the inconsistent Nacho Monreal. 

The Professor is rumoured to be on the hunt for another utility player, someone versitile like Chambers, who can be delpoyed in multiple positions.  

Let's hope that's the case. 

To end the discontent and ensure that the lads from Dial Square can reach the summit and be crowned Premier League champions, more players have to be brought in.

Top Four Looks A Safe Bet:

The pace, and genuine class added by the signing of Alexis Sanchez, and the cultured Premier League experience of Mathieu Debuchy, mean that Arsenal should again be ensured Champions League Football. 

Chelsea, rebuilt and supercharged, will be a force to reckon with and perhaps the toughest of Arsenal’s opponents this season; Manchester City is arguably the most well-rounded and deepest squad in England; Manchester United, with no European distraction, will enjoy a rejuvenation under the iron-fist of Louis Van Gaal (coupled with at least two more big signings before the end of August by my estimation) and will return to the top four.

It is the well-coached and exciting football of Liverpool FC that will end up missing out on the top four this season.  Few players can replace Luis Suarez, Ricky Lambert and Adam Llalana?  I don’t think so.  The demands of the Champions League and the loss of the Uruguyan anthropophagous means that the Reds will fail to produce the same kind of magic as last season.  Their venture onto Europe’s biggest stage will be short-lived barring any major signings between now and September.     

Focus on The League & Ignore the Dark Mistress:

Arsene Wenger lacks a Champions League medal on his CV.  There is no question that this is the manager’s most experienced and strongest side in years.  If he can navigate his team through the playoff this month, into a favorable group, and then catch a break in the first knock-out round, Wenger may well hear the siren-call of the Champions League trophy.  The fact of the matter is, in its current state, lacking better players and a deeper squad to cover the positions mentioned above, Arsenal do not have the ability to take down Real Madrid or Bayern Munich over two-legs; who like last year still rank as firm favorites to win it all.

Focusing on a league title must be the goal of Arsenal FC during the 2014-15 season.

It is an exciting time to be a supporter of the boys from Dial Square.

Arsenal has rebooted its image and is making renewed progress under the best manager the Club has ever seen.

World-class players look at Wenger, his players, Emirates stadium, and once again want to be part of the project.

The best of the best want to sport the badge.

Every where you look you see more and more Arsenal jerseys filling your local pub, pick-up game, or laundromat as a new generation of fans develop a loyalty to the Gunners.

It’s time to sieze on the momentum...

Victoria Concordia Cresci!

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