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Whatchu Talkin Bout, Thomas?

Created on Apr. 19, 2013 10:43 PM EST

Atlanta Falcons General Manager Thomas Dimitroff held court during the Falcons annual pre-NFL Draft news conference. While a goal of this press conference is to provide the media members covering it with very little information, one can pick up Dimitroff’s plans and message to the rest of the NFL if you know what to listen for. An example of what Dimitroff said and how it translates:

“I think it’s very important to utilize your picks. Whether it’s 11 picks or five picks, whether you think it’s necessary to move up or down.”

Translation: In five years of running Atlanta’s drafts, I’ve never had all of my picks. I’ve made moves from round to round, from the bottom of the round to the top, and I’ll continue to do so this time around. The Atlanta media jokes that I’m “Trader Thomas.” They are right.

“I think it’s very clear that we are open for big deals as well if they come across our table and it’s something we’re interested in.”

Translation: Everyone knows we’re open for business for any and every move. We’re like a used car lot at the end of the month. Your credit is good here. If you have picks and want us to move up or down, give me a call.

“We’re really excited about going into this draft with 11 (picks), again doesn’t mean we will come out with 11.”

Translation: There is zero chance that 11 drafted players make this team. But we do need defensive help at end and cornerback. I have seven picks that are tradable, and I plan to use them to make any move to get who we feel we need.

“I like being at 30 quite honestly. I think it’s a good spot to be in, especially this year.”

Translation: Maybe you weren’t comfortable drafting a quarterback in the top 10. I’ve been there and got Matt Ryan. If you need a quarterback at the end of the first round, give me a call. But be prepared to part with your second- and third-round picks.

We’ll see if the Falcons 2013 NFL Draft translates into Super Bowl success.

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