Mike Edler

Where Should Britt Be Traded?

Created on Oct. 29, 2013 10:28 AM EST

The trade deadline is today and, unlike most years, the Titans are somewhat involved in trade talks. They are not looking to make a splash and get “the guy” to put them over the top, but merely trying to rid themselves of a thorn in their side. Kenny Britt is the talk of Nashville today in a classic will he or won’t he story. There is no guarantee Britt will be traded today and no way of knowing what the Titans would get in return, but look at some possible destinations just for the fun of it.

Detroit Lions:

Ever since Nate Burleson went down with his broken arm, I thought Britt would be a Lion. It makes too much sense for him not to be there. The Lions are a high flying passing attack and if this past weekend proved anything, it is that they have no one behind Calvin Johnson. I don’t think this would be anywhere near a “return of Titus Young” for the Lions, but I think Britt really does need a fresh start. If you needed anymore reason to believe he could be a Lion, just remember former Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is the head coach and he has taken his share of former Titans including Stephen Tulloch and Kyle Vanden Bosch. Needless to say, this would be my favorite choice for a trade partner.

Baltimore Ravens:  

I think the Ravens and Patriots both have to call about Britt for the same reasons. They both have high profile quarterbacks that have struggling wide receiving corps. I believe Britt is a cheap alternative to the team that strikes out on the Josh Gordon sweepstakes. I don’t believe the Browns would trade within the division so I believe the Ravens have a much better shot at Britt. He would be a nice compliment to Torrey Smith and even open up coverages for Ray Rice. Seeing the history between the Ravens and Titans I would never want to make them better, but if the price is right I would be all for it.  These former division rivals doing business leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but not as bad as my gut feeling for the third team in the mix for Britt.

Indianapolis Colts:

Now before you lash out and say “Mike, no one would ever trade within the division during a title race,” but hear me out.  the Colts just lost Reggie Wayne to a torn ACL and who knows if he will ever return at his age. The Colts have clearly shown they are in a win-now mode with the Trent Richardson trade, so why not make another crazy move. Britt would add a veteran to a corp that now consists of sophomore T.Y. Hilton and streaky Darius Heyward-Bey. If the Titans can highball the Colts into a better pick, I think it is a real possibility. Hey who knows, maybe Britt goes to the Colts for a 4th round pick and is just as bad for the Colts.

Win win in my book!

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