Mike Edler

Who Is The "Cancer" In The Titans Locker Room

Created on Feb. 04, 2014 8:58 AM EST

Recently, Titans tight end Delanie Walker stated that he believed the Titans had “six or seven cancers” in the locker room when the team started to drop off from it’s 3-1 start. Soon after the interview, Chris Johnson responded to Walker’s allegation by telling him to name the players so the new regime can take care of it themselves. Walker did not reveal the players, but did say that him and Johnson have no bad blood and are on the same page. Who are these players that Walker spoke about? Let’s take a few guesses.

Kenny Britt:  

This is the name that is on top of everyone’s list. Britt was benched early on in the season and looked uninterested when he did see the field. Britt is a free agent and will most likely not be a Titan next season, but that doesn’t change his status in 2013. Britt has had his problems with the law in the past and run ins with the media this past season, so it is likely that when things went south, so did his attitude. Britt is as close to a sure thing as anyone in this story.

Zach Brown:

Brown was in Munchak’s doghouse this season and was benched on more than one occasion. Brown is a young and promising player, but his sophomore campaign didn’t add up to his rookie numbers. Brown still has some years on his contract and is a good piece to the Titan puzzle when his head is in the game. 

Justin Hunter/Damien Williams:

This is purely speculation based on the fact that both were benched for a violation of teams rules. Yes, this was an isolated incident and they only missed one game, but with no clear report of what rules they broke, it could have been a combination of things over time. They did not have any further punishment, which is encouraging.

Chris Johnson:

Maybe, just maybe, Johnson called out Walker on Twitter to get him to call him out personally. Johnson has been known to open his mouth when things don’t go his way. The play calling in particular often didn’t go CJ’s way, so to think that he vented his frustrations in the locker room and not through the media is not too farfetched.  

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