David Gawkowski

Who's Not Coming Back For The Jets?

Created on Dec. 22, 2013 6:10 AM EST

With only two games left, it's time to start thinking about who won't be suiting up in the green and white next season. To improve a dismal offense and a suspect secondary, the Jets will need to free up some much needed cap space, which means possibly cutting some of their higher priced players. But, which players should get their walking papers? 

Santonio Holmes
It's been a nightmarish season for Holmes. On the rare occasion when he has been healthy enough to suit up, he's played slow, disinterested and unreliable football. Cutting Holmes next year will save the Jets $8.25 million against the cap. Just a prediction: this will be one of the easiest decisions the Jets make all offseason. Verdict: Cut.

Antonio Cromartie 
Cromartie will be 30 next year, which is about the age most cornerbacks start to decline and fade from the league. But, it appears that slide has already begun for Cromartie. Not only has he been burned and flagged repeatedly, he has also been terrible at tackling. Cutting him would save the Jets $9.5 million. This handwriting is on the wall here, but don't put it past the Jets to try and bring him back on a reduced salary since they are still thin at corner. Verdict: Cut

Mark Sanchez 
Only on the Jets (and maybe the Browns) could sitting out a year with a shoulder injury actually help your stock as quarterback. However, Sanchez still is slated to earn way too much in 2014 thanks to Mike Tannenbaum's generosity (aka foolishness). Whether Geno Smith is the answer is still very much up for debate. For that reason, the Jets could look to try and renegotiate Sanchez's $8.3 million contract, or give him the preseason to see what he has left before showing him the door. Verdict: Will return (sorry, everyone). 

D'Brickashaw Ferguson
This is the first season where Ferguson has noticeably slipped from his former all-pro level performance. He's due to make a base salary of $5.9 million, but he's still an above average offensive lineman that can shut a quality defensive end down any given week, and those don't come cheap. Verdict: Will return 

David Harris 
It's been a bounce-back year for Harris, who leads the team in tackles. However, the Jets could save $5 million if they cut him. Is he that dominant of a player that he should be brough back at that rate? Since this is an area of relative strength for the Jets, it makes fiscal sense to allocate that $5 million somewhere else where it's desperately needed (i.e. anywhere on the offense or in the secondary). Verdict: It's a tough business. Cut. 

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