Matthew Iorio

Who Wants To Trade For Kirk Cousins?

Created on Oct. 05, 2013 12:17 PM EST

Every time I get a new Madden video game, the first thing I do is start a new franchise mode and shop around players I don't want or need. Just the thought of what I could build out of my team is exciting. And one of the first players to go is always my backup quarterback (if they have trade value). Now I'm not saying they should, but I feel the Washington Redskins could get some serious value out of trading backup QB Kirk Cousins.

With Robert Griffin III as the Redskins franchise player and starting quarterback, the ‘Skins don't need a strong backup. Cousins will most likely collect dust and end up becoming the next Gary Kubiak (former John Elway backup turned successful head coach). He garnered solid trade value after he showed real potential in two memorable regular season appearances last year.

His first significant appearance came late in the game during Washington's week 14 matchup against the soon-to-be Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens. With RGIII out injured, Cousins came in and completed two passes for 26 yards and a crucial touchdown. On the next play, Cousins ran a designed quarterback draw to convert the two-point conversion and tie up the ball game that the Redskins would eventually win in OT.

The following week, Cousins got the start with RGIII out with a LCL sprain against the Cleveland Browns. In his first career start, he threw for 329 yards and two touchdowns while completing 26-of-37 passes. The Redskins would win 38-21 over Cleveland. 

That being said, here are some interesting trade possibilities for the Washington Redskins to explore with Kirk Cousins.

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