Matthew Iorio

Who Wants To Trade For Kirk Cousins?

Created on Oct. 05, 2013 12:17 PM EST

Jacksonville Jaguars

Washington: Kirk Cousins

Jacksonville: 2014 third- and seventh-round picks

The Jacksonville Jaguars desperately need a quarterback; Blaine Gabbert is simply not getting the job done. By trading two picks, neither in the top two rounds, Jacksonville can get talent at the most crucial position without giving up their chances at landing top collegiate prospects in rounds one and two. They would have a serviceable quarterback in Cousins, and could firm up other important positions like the offensive and defensive lines through the draft.

With third- and seventh-round picks, the Redskins could target players for their defensive line, secondary and wide receiver positions. Washington may want to add some depth to their secondary as they've been getting torched this season through the air, giving up 298.2 yards per game. CB Deangelo Hall is 29 and may need replacing soon as corners tend to depreciate after 30.

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