Andrew Burer

Why The Bolts Have Driven You Nuts

Created on Jul. 19, 2013 4:30 AM EST

Meachem Fails To Catch On

Meachem's dropped pass: On third and nine against the Cleveland Browns in Week 8, Rivers finds Robert Meachem wide open downfield, but the receiver is unable to hold onto the ball. Had he caught the pass, he likely would have scored a 51-yard touchdown and given the Chargers a 9-7 lead with just under nine minutes remaining in the third quarter. He ended up catching two passes over the last eight games of the season.

Why fans should be concerned: The Chargers owe Meachem $5 million this year. At that price, San Diego is praying he produces. Fans should be, too. Meachem’s dismal season was another reminder of how big the departure of Vincent Jackson was.  

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