Craig Stephens

Will Muschamp Denies Allegations

Created on Apr. 05, 2013 7:00 PM EST

Selena Roberts of released a report this week, in which former Auburn linebacker Mike McNeil revealed several allegations of NCAA rules violations. In the report, McNeil claims that Florida coach Will Muschamp paid him during the 2007 season. From the report:

McNeil recalls having a difficult day at practice in 2007 and then-defensive coordinator, Will Muschamp, calling him into his office. "I had no clue what it was about because I’d never directly asked him for anything," says McNeil. “He slid about $400 over to me. He went into a drawer and gave me money and said, ‘Is this enough? Is this good?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I’m good.’”

Other than former Auburn coach Gene Chizik, Muschamp is the only other prominent coach named. It is sure to cause Muschamp and Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley headaches over the next few weeks.

After the report came out, Muschamp denied the allegations through a spokesman. He then talked directly to The Gainesville Sun, saying, “Totally deny it,” and “I don't know where this is coming from.”

Pat Dooley is the reporter for The Gainesville Sun that spoke with Muschamp; he later sent out a puzzling tweet from his personal account. The tweet said, “Talked to Will today. Totally denied allegation. Has an idea why it was made.”

Since the report was posted, three players mentioned in the story have sent out tweets denying their role in the story. Mike Blanc, Daren Bates, and Neiko Thorpe all have refuted Roberts' story, accusing Roberts of twisting their words and quoting them out of context.

If these allegations are true, the heavy penalties will be dealt to Auburn University, but Muschamp will surely incur a penalty for his involvement. Right now, it does not look like there is substantial support  for these allegations. However, if they prove to be true, Muschamp can expect at least a suspension in the future.