Michael Ferraro

Will Revis Be Voted Off The Island?

Created on Mar. 04, 2013 8:49 PM EST

The New York Jets and Darrelle Revis are on a fast track to a contract dispute that could lead to problems for both sides. It might be beneficial for the Jets to trade Revis in order to get some badly needed offensive pieces for their team. Reports have the Jets trying to shop Revis around at the NFL combine, which might be the smartest move.There was really no difference between the 2011 and 2012 Jets defense and Revis was injured for most of 2012 with a torn ACL. The Jets ranked eighth in total yards allowed, only slightly less than fifth ranked in total yardage in 2011 with Revis playing all 16 games.

I think the Jet’s best bet is to try and trade Revis and get as many draft picks as they possibly can and try to upgrade their very poor offensive unit. If the Jets are able to get a first-, a third- and maybe a second-rounder the following year it could help quicken their offensive upgrade. Looking at the stats, one can clearly see that the Jets pathetic offensive performance is the reason the team has struggled the last few seasons. In 2012 the Jets had the 30th ranked offense, only gaining 299.2 yards a game, and their pass offense was just as bad, only mustering 180.7 yards per game. 

Scoring is also a big problem for gang green, they only scored 17.6 points a game, that’s only two touchdowns and a field goal per game, I am frankly surprised they were able to win six games with a scoring offense that bad. The Jets need to do something with Revis, either trade him or resign him, but their best bet is to trade him for draft picks and try to rebuild the broken offense.

Unless the Jets can work out a deal with Revis without having to sacrifice too much, there might be a contract extension, but from all reports things will likely get ugly between the Jets and Revis, which would be disastrous. In my opinion the only options the Jets have is to either resign Revis or trade him and get some value while they still can. If the Jets don’t trade or resign Revis it will be a disaster and their fans might not be so forgiving of this possible fatal blunder.

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