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Will The Cold Shoulder Heat Up The Saints?

Created on Jul. 03, 2013 11:56 PM EST

The 2013 list of the Top 100 players in the NFL has officially been released and Saints fans are not happy about the results. All-pro QB Drew Brees was the only member from the team to make the list and he was dropped significantly in the rankings this year. At a minimum, I believe there should have been three players from New Orleans on the NFL Top 100 list and I am sure the entire WhoDat Nation would agree.

The NFL Top 100 list results from a poll where active players vote on their peers based on their performance from the previous season and their estimate of how the player will perform in the upcoming season.

Great players like Saints TE Jimmy Graham and WR Marques Colston will certainly be motivated by being left off the list and being underestimated by their own peers. This gives head coach Sean Payton more fuel to add to the team's fire if he ever needs it and you can bet the house he will be using this at some point during the 2013 season.

Graham suffered the biggest snub of all NFL players in being left off the list. Graham went from being ranked number 14 on the 2012 list and being considered one of the best tight ends in the league to not even being mentioned in the 2013 rankings. This is mind blowing when you compare his stats to two players who did make the 2013 list, San Diego TE Antonio Gates and Baltimore TE Dennis Pitta:

Jimmy Graham

Rec     Yds     Yds/Rec    TD

85        982       11.6          9

Antonio Gates

Rec     Yds     Yds/Rec    TD

49        538       11.0          7

Dennis Pitta

Rec     Yds     Yds/Rec    TD

61        669       11.0          7

It will be interesting to see if Graham takes these rankings into account and makes the opposing teams pay dearly for leaving him off the list. Last season, Graham played with a hurt wrist and it probably attributed to him not playing as well as he did the season before. This season, Graham declares that he is 100 percent healthy and ready to play his best football. A super motivated Jimmy Graham with another year of experience under his belt will shine in 2013.

Colston is another glaring snub on the Top 100 list after another strong season in 2012. Instead of being revered as a Top 10 wideout, he still remains the most underrated wide receiver in the entire NFL. When compared to two other wide receivers who made the Top 100 list, Colston clearly had a better year and should have been on there.

Baltimore's Jacoby Jones was an "in the moment" pick for the list. He is a talented player and a highly dangerous return man but if not for his big plays in the Super Bowl, Jones would never have been thought of.

Former Vikings WR Percy Harvin simply did not play as well as usual in 2012. Couple that with the fact that he and coach Leslie Frazier did not get along particularly well and that he had Christian Ponder as his quarterback and it is a shock that he made the list. It is understandable to think Harvin would have a better year in 2013 but based strictly off of his performance in 2012, he could have been replaced by Colston on the list.

Marques Colston

Rec     Yds     Yds/Rec     TD

83      1,154      13.9          10

Percy Harvin

Rec     Yds     Yds/Rec     TD

62        677        10.9          3

Jacoby Jones

Rec     Yds     Yds/Rec     TD

30        406        13.5           1

Colston will without a doubt have the strong season that we all have grown accustomed to and continue to be forgotten and underrated by players and fans alike. The beauty of it is, Colston will not whine, cry or complain about the snub, but will go about his business and continue to be a “Quiet Storm”.

Even though there are only two Saints pointed out here specifically, there are a handful of other players on the team who should have been considered for this list in 2013. Expect to see Brees, Graham, Colston, OG Jahari Evans, RB Darren Sproles and LB Curtis Lofton make the Top 100 list in 2014. You heard it here first on

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