Drew Cathey

With 4 Games Left How Will Dolphins Close Out Season?

Created on Dec. 03, 2013 6:46 AM EST

The Miami Dolphins are coming off a strong performance against a struggling Jets team who happens to still find themself in the playoff hunt with only 4 weeks left in the season. With the win against the Jets the Dolphins find themselves in an even better situation. Sitting at 6-6 with 4 games left and three of those coming against division opponents the Dolphins should be able to control their own destiny in the next 4 weeks.

First up for Miami is Pittsburgh. Despite their record, the Steelers are always a tough game. Mike Tomlin always has his team prepared and going into Pittsburgh makes it that much harder for the Dolphins. What they must do is not look to much ahead to their rematch against New England. This could wind up being the crucial game for the Dolphins because a win could keep the momentum going, but a loss could make it even harder for the Dolphins to not only win against New England but could create a spiraling effect that could end the season on a very low note.

So, how do we think the Dolphins are going to win? Well, I think it looks a lot like the Jets game was played this past Sunday. For one time of possession is a key. The longer the Dolphins have the ball the less the opponent which means that there are less chances for them to score. To go along with that all possessions must end in a kick. Whether it be a field goal, extra point or even a punt there can't be any turnovers because that loses field position and can lead to easy points.

The running game must participate as well. This is a must late in the season and with the passing game already struggling it will only make things that much easier for everyone if the Dolphins are able to convert first downs on the ground. With this comes the defense holding up their end. If they give up to many points the offense will be forced to pass and that can create problems with Tannehill turning over the ball.

In all, what the Dolphins need to do is shorten the game. The less plays there are, the less plays there are to make a mistake. If the Dolphins can be play like they played against the Jets then they will be in good shape. The only problem is they're only playing the Jets once more and by then it might be too late.

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