‘I Won’t Roll Over!’ Seattle Seahawks Star Russell Wilson Sued Because of His Edible Balls!

  • Seahawks quarter back sued over dough balls company.
  • Wilson reps say he was just an ‘ambassador’ for Eat the Ball.
  • Superstar’s not planning to roll over!

This could cost Russell Wilson a load of dough!

The Seahawks QB is being sued in connection with an edible ball business.

He has been named in a lawsuit in which disgruntled former employees of a company called ‘Eat The Ball’ allege they have not been paid their wages.

The former Super Bowl champion has been dragged into proceedings due to his status as a minority shareholder in the company, for which he served as spokesman.

TMZ says former managing director Joseph Carter and ex-marketing specialist Bridget Botting have filed a suit against the bread company.

“Russell was simply an ambassador for the company at one point, but no longer has any active involvement. He simply has nothing to do with this situation and has no knowledge of the current status of Eat the Ball, ” said a representative for the 29-year-old star.